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Little Lies - Liane Moriarty

Little LiesLittle Lies by Liane Moriarty
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Top ten bestselling author Liane Moriarty returns with another gripping read.

She could hear men and women shouting. Angry hollers crashed through the soft humid salty summer night. It was somehow hurtful for Mrs Ponder to hear, as if all that rage was directed at her . . . then she heard the wail of a siren in the distance, at the same time as a woman still inside the building began to scream and scream . . .

When a harmless quiz night ends with an act of shocking violence, the parents of Pirriwee Public School can't seem to stop their secrets from finally spilling out. Rumours ripple through the small town, as truth and lies blur to muddy the story of what really happened on that fateful night . . .

After reading The Husband's Secret last year by Moriarty I couldn't wait for more. I loved her writing style and quickly got carried away in the book.

When I was sent a copy of Little Lies, I could not wait to begin it. At almost 500 pages, this is a large book; do not let this put you off though as I found I read it quicker than I thought I would, once I got into it.

This is a book I feel you need to give 100% on, I don't think that it would be possible to read alongside another as there are many characters in the book and it is important you know who is who, as they all have a relevant reason for being in the story. I can see that it could become quite confusing if you are juggling two books together. Also I would recommend allowing yourself to be immersed by this book and have a good few hours where you can get into it. For the same reason, at times I was a little confused as to who was who; once I got into it, it was a very smooth read and flowed very well.

Jane has moved into the area, she is young and is a single mother to Ziggy. It quickly becomes apparent that Jane is very different to the other women in the area and at the school that Ziggy attends. Very quickly on Jane meets Madeline and forms a firm friendship with her. Things begin to go wrong for Jane after an incident in the school playground with Ziggy and everyone begins to turn on her.

This is a story about developing tension, as you make your way through the book, you know something is going to happen but can't quite put your finger on what. Right from the beginning we know that whatever it is that is going to happen will feature around the school Trivia Night and we are just making our way towards it. It is such a cleverly written book, as you know there is something and you are trying to look out for what it could possibly be. Personally I had no idea what was going to happen in the story, we know that a murder has taken place but we don't know who is dead or why.

I loved the angle covered with the three main female characters and thought they complimented each other brilliantly. Each one of them has their own story going on and their story lines are well developed, just as the characters are. I loved how Moriarty bought all the characters together and that they seem to have a link in some way.

This is a gripping story, it has you hooked from the first few chapters and it engages you all the way to the end. This is a book that you just have to finish. I love the way Moriarty writes and from what I have now read she just seems to be getting better and better. There are many shocking revelations in the book that you will not be expecting and keep you wanting more.

I would love to read more of Moriarty; I cannot seem to get enough! This is definitely one to be adding to your reading list this year.

I would like to thank the publisher for sending me this in exchange for an honest review.

Check out this trailer for the book, if the blurb doesn't make you want to read it, this will!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Lavender's Diary Guest Post!

Today I am super excited to have Lavender appearing here on The Book Corner, she is here to share with you a day from her diary. 

So I would like to say welcome Lavender!

Lavender’s Diary

6.00 am: My alarm usually wakes me with loud and happy music. That way I will start my day with a positive feeling. I put it far away from my bed, so I have to get up immediately. It’s early and I can hear the birds whistle. I take a shower first, so my head won’t feel sleepy anymore. Then I write as much as I can in the limited time I have.

8.00 am: It’s time to get ready for work. I’m getting dressed, do my makeup and choose my accessories for that day. Sometimes I’m packing lunch as well. I always think that I have a lot of time, but I often end up being late, because it’s an illusion.

9.00 am: The library opens and there are people who are waiting in front of the building, so they can get in immediately. If I’m on time I open the doors and talk to them. Especially when there’s a regular visitor it’s nice to catch up. Usually there’s an old man named Herman. He looks a bit scruffy, but he’s really nice. He’s travelled a lot and he is a great story teller.

10.00 am: My boss, Edward, sends me to the coffee bar for his morning shot of caffeine. It gives me a chance to chat with my friend Zoe, who’s standing behind the counter. I’m ready for a nice cup of tea. I’m not much of a coffee drinker. Edward and I drink our hot beverages together and we talk. I like my boss, we get along very well and we also see each other privately. He’s a bit of a father figure and his wife, Victoria, is an amazing cook.

11.00 am: I officially have a morning break at this time. I often use it to check up on my friends and family. It’s also my snack moment. I like to bring homemade cookies to work and need to pack a lot of extras, to hand to some of the visitors and my colleagues.

12.00 pm: Mothers come in with their children at lunch hour. It is my favourite time of day. I read stories for at least an hour. I love picture books and can never get enough of them.

1.00 pm: I’m having a lunch break. Sometimes I spend it with Edward or Zoe. My friend Gina works next door at the art library and we have lunch together at least once a week. Preferably on Friday when it’s market day.

14.00 pm: It’s time for a visit of another one of our regulars. Mrs. Peterson is a real lady. She donates money and comes to the library to socialize. She asks me which books she should read and she talks to Edward for at least half an hour.

15.00 pm: I often use this time to do some chores. I walk around and check if everything is in order, before a lot of people will be storming in soon.

16.00 pm: The schools are out and a lot of parents send their children to the library. Some come here to study and others for fun, because they genuinely love books. There’s also the odd child who’s here because there’s nowhere else to go. Especially in the winter months that’s heartbreaking. I try to give them as much attention as I can. Not all children are sweet and adorable though, so I have to keep my eyes open to check if they are behaving themselves.

17.00 pm: We get some last minute visits at this time. A lot of people aren’t very punctual with the returning process of their books. This is fine time, we receive most money at the end of the day.

17.30 pm: The library closes and I have half an hour to help our volunteers who are stacking the shelves. It’s a nice and peaceful time and I love that I’m able to talk aloud, without disturbing anyone, now. I like walking around and checking our books. It’s the best time of day.

18.00 pm: Time to go home. I often spend my evenings with friends, family or my boyfriend. I also like to curl up on the sofa while reading a book. My passion for books doesn’t stop when I leave the library, I think about them every minute of the day.

Lavender has a wonderful blog, where she blogs about many different things. She of course has a love of books and regularly recommends brilliant books so make sure you check out her blog here

She is also on twitter and loves to connect with others you can find her here

I would like to thank Lavender for taking the time out to appear on the book corner and we have really enjoyed having her! 

Thanks again!

The Library of Unrequited Love - Sophie Divry

The Library of Unrequited LoveThe Library of Unrequited Love by Sophie Divry
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

One morning a librarian finds a reader who has been locked in overnight. She begins to talk to him, a one-way conversation full of sharp insight and quiet outrage. As she rails against snobbish senior colleagues, an ungrateful and ignorant public, the strictures of the Dewey Decimal System and the sinister expansionist conspiracies of the books themselves, two things shine through: her unrequited passion for a researcher named Martin, and an ardent and absolute love for the arts. A delightful divertissement for the discerning bookworm...

I am a big fan of short stories and this is exactly what this book is. It is every short, just over 90 pages which makes it perfect for you to be able to read in a single sitting. I took the book along to an appointment I had to attend and I finished it while I was there. This makes it great for reading in a lunch time at work or during a train journey. This book is very different to anything I have read before.

The book doesn't have any chapters in it, which for me I personally didn't like. Although I was intending to read this in one sitting, when I had to stop say to go to the loo I found it had to find a place I could stop in. There weren't even any line breaks I could use as a guide to where I was in the book and this was a disappointment for me.

The other thing about this book is the narration in it. The story is about a librarian who turns up for work and discovers someone in the library and who has been there all night. It is a one sided conversation she has with them. I would have liked to find out about the 'squatter' in the library but unfortunately we never hear their voice. I can't even tell you their name as we don't ever find out. There is a lot of mystery surrounding the person in the basement for me anyway! I want to know who they are, why they are there and whether they are male or female? These points to me make the story an unusual one.

We do however learn about the narrator and as time goes on through the book we can discover her personality. There are times when she is very funny. Anyone who has a love for books would be able to connect easily with the narrator as she describes her love of books and how they make her feel, which I am sure fellow bookworms would easily agree with her.

I don't want to say a lot about the plot as it is so short and wouldn't like to give much away.

This is a book to pack away with you for your journey or just in your bag for while your are working, I would say remember to take a bookmark though as it does have no chapters! Personally I did enjoy the book but not as much as I had expected and I think this was down to the lack of chapters and how little we know about the other character. It is however an interesting read and I would say give it a go.

I would like to thank the publisher for sending this in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Searching for Someday - Jennifer Probst

Searching for Someday (Searching For, #1)Searching for Someday by Jennifer Probst
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

'Kate has given up on love—at least for herself. She is both blessed and cursed with the ability to sense a romantic connection between two people—a gift that her family passed down for generations. When Kate launches her own matchmaking company, Kinnection, with her two best friends in a cozy New York town, she has to put aside her own romantic disasters to make her business a success.

But when a furious man stalks into her office and accuses her business of being a scam, Kate is given the ultimate challenge to prove herself. Slade puts himself in her hands and asks Kate to find him love. Enraged at his arrogance but stubbornly eager to prove herself, Kate agrees, dedicating herself to the journey of finding him love... only to find herself falling for him along the way.'

Searching for Someday is the first in the searching for series.

I have heard that Probst is known for her very steamy reads, I was a little apprehensive about reading this book as I am not a fan of erotica novels. This book however I did not get this ‘erotica’ feeling, there was not a lot of steam in it and for me that was perfect!

Kate is a successful business woman who has her own match making agency. This match making agency is one with a difference, Kate has the ability to tell if the person you are with is your soul mate.

Slade is one of the top divorce lawyers of the state and is a little bit of a protective brother. His sister is using Kate’s agency to find herself a partner, Slade however wants to identify to his sister that the company is a fraud and sets out to prove it. In order to do this he decides to register with Kinnections as a client to show her the company is a bit of a joke.

Searching for Someday is an easy going read, if you are looking for a deep big plot this is not for you. If you are looking for a cute and fun romance this hits the nail on the head. It is perfect for a holiday; the story is told in two perspectives which makes it really nice for reading. The only negative I would have about this book is that I thought it took a while to build the tension in the beginning, but then I found it to be at a good pace.

I particularly enjoyed the magic element of the story, this to make made it different and stand out from other books in this type of genre. After reading this I would definitely be interested in reading the others in this series.

I would like to thank the publisher for sending me this in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Summer Feature 2014

Welcome to a brand new feature, here at The Book Corner! 

Over the next few weeks many book bloggers have agreed to participate in this Summer feature bringing you inspiration for your summer reads, so I just want to say thanks again so much for participating, it really means a lot! I was overwhelmed by the response I had so thanks once again! 

So I thought I would begin with my own post, to get the ball rolling! I have decided to chat about books that either remind me of certain places or I think are brilliant reads for different destinations! I have tried to make sure the books I have chosen are set in the summer and in a different destination. I just love books that are set abroad, it really gets me in the holiday mood, here are my top 5!

So the first book I have chosen is Too Hot to Handle by Katie Agnew

I first discovered Katie Agnew when I was reading last years Sunlounger book, I read her short story and I lapped her up! I loved the way she wrote and her destination was brilliant.  

I decided that I would love to read more from her and so grabbed a copy of Too Hot to Handle, I haven't actually got round to reading this yet, but I intend to very soon as I know it is going to be such a great summer read! Here is the blurb:

Ever dreamt of escape? That's what Paradise promises: an ultra-exclusive hotel on the Caribbean island of St Barts. There, a retired actor from Hollywood's golden age has brought together a glittering selection of guests. But why are they there...and what are they hiding?

Mal and Lexi, popstar newlyweds, have the world at their feet - if they can stay married for more than 48 hours. Then there's Grace, the glamourpuss cougar who lives at the hotel and has her eye on the male guests. For Lauren and Sebastian, it's a final chance to rekindle their marriage, while for the rumpled-looking novelist at the bar, it's time to face his writer's block.

And while the guests get plenty of sun, sea and scandal, the staff at the hotel see everything. From the cocktail-king with a heartbreaker's smile to the Irish chambermaid far from home, behind the scenes at Paradise life is far from quiet..

To grab your copy of this fab book for your summer please click here 

The second book I  have chosen is About a Girl by Lindsey Kelk 

Well what can i say about this book? I absolutely loved it! This is set in Hawaii, a place now since reading this book I want to visit ASAP! 

This book I finished it in one sitting, I just fell in love with everything about it! The destination for me was  the hook, I could just see myself there in Hawaii along with Tess. I have yet to read What a Girl Wants, however I have just bought it off Amazon and it should turn up very soon!  So here is the blurb: 

Tess Brookes has always been a Girl with a Plan. But when the Plan goes belly up, she’s forced to reconsider.

After accidently answering her flatmate Vanessa’s phone, she decides that since being Tess isn’t going so well, she might try being Vanessa. With nothing left to lose, she accepts Vanessa’s photography assignment to Hawaii – she used to be an amateur snapper, how hard can it be? Right?

But Tess is soon in big trouble. And the gorgeous journalist on the shoot with her, who is making it very clear he’d like to get into her pants, is an egotistical monster. Far from home and in someone else’s shoes, Tess must decide whether to fight on through, or ‘fess up and run…

If you haven't read this book all I can say is where the hell have you been? No worries thought to grab your copy click here

The third book is Save the Date by Allie Spencer

This was one of my favourite summer reads from last year. This book is set in Italy and again the description of the setting is amazing! I wanted to be right there in Italy going to the family wedding! I just loved everything about it and it was written beautifully! Since then I have purchased Summer Nights also by Allie Spencer, but not got round to reading it yet. I am hoping this will be one for my suitcase this year! Here is the blurb: 

Family weddings can be hell.

...and, marooned in Italy for her cousin's nuptials, Ailsa can be forgiven for thinking that this one is worse than most. With the bride and groom at loggerheads and the guests in uproar, it is a million miles away from the rest and relaxation she'd been hoping for.

And then suddenly, in the middle of the mayhem, she comes face-to-face with Nick, the man she walked out on just a few months earlier.

How can Ailsa help get the wedding back on track when she and Nick can't stop arguing? But if they do, she might remember why she fell in love with him in the first place - and then there really would be trouble.

Make sure that this is one firmly packed in your luggage this year! Grab your copy by clicking here

The fourth book I have chosen is Deep Blue Sea by Tasmina Perry 

I was introduced to Tasmina Perry late last year when I read The Proposal this was the first book I had read by her, I must say that this was completely different. I did enjoy The Proposal; however this was more up my street. 

This is a wonderful mystery/thriller type book that also crosses over into the chick lit/women's fiction genre which I really enjoyed. I have yet to find another author who does this. This is set on a Thai Island and is truly exotic, if you have not read this yet, you need to!! 
Here is the blurb: 

Passionate. Explosive. Impossible to put down. Tasmina Perry is back with her most spectacular novel yet.

Beneath the shimmering surface lies a dark secret...

Diana and Julian Denver have the world at their feet. With a blissful marriage, a darling son and beautiful homes in London and the country, Diana's life, to the outside world, is perfect. But nothing is as it seems...

When Julian dies suddenly and tragically, Diana is convinced there is more to it than meets the eye. She calls on the one person she had never wanted to see again - her sister, Rachel.

A former tabloid reporter, Rachel appears to be living the dream as a diving instructor on a Thai island. The truth is she's in exile, estranged from her family and driven from her career by Fleet Street's phone-hacking scandal.

For Rachel, Diana's request opens old wounds. But she is determined to make amends for the past, and embarks on a treacherous journey to uncover the truth - wherever it may lead...

To grab your copy of this sizzling book click here

My final book I have chosen is The beach hut next door by Veronica Henry

This is a book I have been very excited about. Veronica Henry writes some awesome books, I have The Beach Hut  also written by her and am currently in the middle of. This although has a similar title does not have to be read after The Beach Hut, as it is a stand alone. Saying this I really wanted to read The Beach Hut first before picking this one up. I have this on my TBR pile and I am hoping to get to it soon. This is a new release this summer. 
Here is the blurb: 

Summer appeared from nowhere that year in Everdene . . . and for those lucky enough to own one of the beach huts, this was the summer of their dreams.

For Elodie, returning to Everdene means re-awakening the memories of one summer fifty years ago. A summer when everything changed.

Vince and his brother are struggling to come to terms with the death of their father - but they have very different ways of coping.

And for Jenna, determined to put the past behind her, the opportunity to become 'the ice cream girl' once again might just turn her life around.

But this summer is not all sunshine and surf - as secrets unfold, and some lives are changed for ever . . 

To grab a copy of this fab summer read click here

So there you have it! These are my 5 top summer destination books that I would recommend to everyone!! Over the next few days and weeks you will be able to find other book bloggers talking about their top summer reads, what they are going to be taking on holiday and loads of other great things about reading in the summer. I do hope you will keep checking back to view all these fab guest posts! 

Keep an eye out on twitter for up and coming posts about The Summer Feature 2014 and you never know there maybe a Winter one... Oooh I love a good Christmas book!!! Let me know below if you think you maybe interesting in taking part in that and I will draw up a list and contact you regarding it. 

Thanks again for checking this post out and we love comments here at The Book Corner so please let me know what you are going to be reading over the summer or if you have read any of these and enjoyed them as much as me. 

My Sort-of Kind-of Hero - Emily Harper

My Sort-of, Kind-of HeroMy Sort-of, Kind-of Hero by Emily Harper
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

'Etty Lawrence is a bestselling romance author. At least- she would be if she could just get someone to read her books. Apparently, Amazon doesn't consider the 500 books purchased by your mother to be bestseller material.

When Etty's given some simple advice from a friend- write what you know- she takes it to heart. But she's never been in love before, and she doesn't really have time to fall in love and write a novel at the same time. So, she convinces her slightly unwilling lifelong friend, Travis, to let her follow him around and witness real love, first hand. A third person memoir, if you will. Travis is the perfect hero for her story: he's funny, smart, and good looking; only there's one problem. He says all the wrong things. Does any girl really want to talk about the NHL trades? And his jokes would make a kindergarten class roll their eyes.

But the worst part is, Travis's dates laugh at his corny jokes; the jokes he told Etty first. They touch his sweater; the sweater Etty bought him. And the way these women swoon and gush over him...they obviously aren't leading lady material.

Now Etty has to take this love thing into her own hands if she has any hope of writing a bestseller that people other than her mother will buy.'

When I was contacted by Emily offering me her book to review, I jumped at the chance, this sounded just up my street. Emily is a new author to me and since reading My Sort of Kind of Hero I would definitely want to read more from her.

This is a brilliant chick lit book, it is light and fun. I love the story line of this book, I could visually see it all coming together and the characters were brilliant. This is a story about Etty, she is a struggling writer who has been knocked back several times by publishers and every time she goes to a book signing she hopes there are more people there than just her parents.

The scene in the book store is actually one of my favourites in the book. I love it! I could see it all happening and I felt sorry for Etty waiting for customers to come and ask her to sign her book. I love the glimmer of hope she gets from a boy and later finds out it’s just her friend being kind and trying to support her. This is such an easy read; it was perfect, it had such a good balance of humour, romance and seriousness.

They way the story is written it is predictable but I didn’t mind that in the slightest, I enjoyed reading the story and was racing through the pages, I wanted to see Etty’s relationship develop and want to see her career become a success. I felt that I was able to connect well to Etty, she is my age and trying to create a career for herself of something she has always wanted to do and just needs a break.

Although this is a chick lit book, it is a chick lit with a difference, romance is evident in the book but not in the conventional way.

I would strongly recommend this book to slip into your suitcase this summer for on your holiday, its light, fun and a quick read. After reading this you are going to want to discover more from Harper. I am just sad that it has taken me this long to discover her and that this book is over!

I would like to thank Emily for supplying me with this copy, this has been exchange for an honest review.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - Week 10

Welcome to this weeks wrap up!

So this week saw the breaking up of schools all over the country - hurrah! We now can enjoy the summer! I do have some work to do before going back but I am hoping to spend a few days solidly on it so I can then enjoy the majority of the holidays. 

I had the most awesome surprise this week and that was that I won 'A girls night it' Novelicious competition, which was a huge shock!!! It is the most amazing thing I have ever won and I am still smiling to myself now about it ha ha! So thank you guys so much!!!

So it has been the week for readathons, yay! I wonder if what I have read this week is going to match up with that....hmmm

So let's find out about this week:

This week I have been sent:

The Story of Us by Dani Atkins (sent to review)
Confessions by Kanae Minato (sent to review)
The 100 by Kass Morgan (sent to review)
Boys don't Knit by T.S Easton (sent to review) 
With a Friend Like You by Fanny Blake (sent to review) 
In the Summertime by Judy Astley audiobook comp prize
Hidden Treasures by Fern Britton 
Don't Tell the Groom by Anna Bell
Confessions of a Wild Child by Jackie Collins

Books I have read this week:

The Library of Unrequited Love by Sophie Divry 
I am still on Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

As you can see this has not been a very good reading week at all for me! I have decided because I was working a lot and trying to organise things for September this is why. Because of this I am going to continue the readathon this week coming. Hopefully I will manage to read a lot more. 

If you have also decided to extend the readathon into next week I would love to hear from you below with what you are hoping to read. 

All the books I have read, I have reviewed, look out for the reviews on The Book Corner soon. I would love to know if you participated in either readathon this week and how you got one. Did you achieve your TBR list? 

What have you received/bought this week?

How much reading have you managed to get done? Leave me a comment below to connect. 

I hope you all had a great reading week and thanks for stopping by today.

Friday, 25 July 2014

The Fever - Megan Abbott

The FeverThe Fever by Megan Abbott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

'Her hands flying up, she grabbed her throat, her body jolting to one side.

Then, in one swoop, her desk overturned, clattering to the floor.

And with it Lise. Her head twisting, slamming into the tiles, her bright red face turned up, mouth teeming with froth.

“Lise,” sighed Mrs. Chalmers, too far in front to see. “What is your problem?”

The Nashes are a close-knit family. Tom, a popular teacher, is father to the handsome, roguish Eli and his younger sister Deenie, serious and sweet. But their seeming stability is thrown into chaos when two of Deenie’s friends become violently ill, and rumours of a dangerous outbreak sweep through the whole community.

As hysteria swells and as more girls succumb, tightly held secrets emerge that threaten to unravel the world Tom has built for his kids, and destroy friendships, families, and the town’s fragile idea of security.

The Fever is a chilling story about guilt, family secrets, and the lethal power of desire.'

The Fever is a book I knew nothing about, I have never read a book by Megan Abbott and after reading the blurb I was excited to get started on this book.

Deenie has two best friends, Lise and Gabby. The story starts really interesting and really draws the reader in from the beginning, with Lise suffering a seizure in the middle of her class one morning. She then is taken into hospital with what is seen as a mystery illness. Lise begins going from bad to worse where she falls into a coma and has everyone including the medical team confused about her illness.

Meanwhile back at school, other girls begin to develop symptoms of a mystery illness and panic starts to spread though the school; along with parents who blame it on a vaccination the girls had. The members of the community continue to ‘freak’ themselves out by watching videos on the internet and watching the T.V.

I love the style that this story has been written in. We read through the point of view of Deenie, her brother Eli and their father Tom. I love this, it is very cleaver and although you may think confusing, it was easy to read and not at all confusing. All these characters come across as three dimensional and believable. Tom is regularly worrying about his parenting and about keeping his children safe and what is best for them. Eli comes across as a caring brother but also has his own issues going on which he needs to deal with, and Deenie is carrying a secret along with her friends.

I really enjoyed the story and found that it hooked me in right from the beginning, I would say that I did find the story a little slow in the middle and I felt that it times some of the points covered were being dragged out a little. Saying that towards the end the story picked up again and I was racing through to the end. This is a very intense read and at times I felt I was so tense I needed a break, at times it felt a little heavy, due to it being so tense I think.

This is a cracking YA story and although I am not in my late teens or early twenties I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is scary in a sense of who you know and makes you look at people differently. I loved all the red herrings in the story and I didn’t guess the ending. This being my first Abbott book has made me want to read more from this author. I think it was a brilliantly written and intriguing book that YA or not will enjoy.

I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with a copy of this in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Character Guest Post - Jill Knapp


The question that 23-year old Amalia Hastings wants the answer to is: What happens to men when they move to Manhattan? Life in the city gives Amalia a ride she is not expecting. As she tries to find her way on the little island that never sleeps, she discovers she has a harder time navigating through life then she does the streets of Greenwich Village and finds herself truly lost in the complex world of men, graduate school, money, family, and friendship. She thought she had everything she wanted – a new apartment in Manhattan, a first-rate education at NYU, a group of trusted friends and Nicholas, a boyfriend who she once believed was her soul-mate. But somehow, it isn’t enough. Stumbling through her relationships, Amalia encounters Michael. An attractive classmate who quickly moves from being one of her close friends, to an inconsistent friend-with-benefits. After all, the only thing consistent about New York is its beauty. After getting terribly lost searching for love in all the wrong places, Amalia finds herself torn between the possibility of a relationship, and an adventure she's been planning all along. She eventually realizes that solely chasing love closes her off to all of the other good things life has to offer. Now she must decide – what is worth the chase? Originally self-published and titled Chase, What Happens to Men When They Move To Manhattan is the debut novel from author Jill Knapp and the first in a series of novels. Jill is now published by Harper Impulse, HarperCollins.

Character profile- Amalia Hastings.

My name is Amalia Danette Hastings and I’m 22 years old. Well, 23 next month. I’m 5”5 inches tall, about 115-120 pounds and I have a birds nest of blonde hair on-top of my head. I’m in the middle of my first semester of graduate school at New York University studying human behavior and biological science. I’m not exactly sure what I want to do with my master’s degree when I am finished, but it’s only the first semester so I have plenty of time to decide. Right?

Well enough about my boring school life, let me tell you a little bit about the juicy stuff, my love life. I have a boyfriend, nay a soul-mate, named Nicholas. We’ve been together for a few years now, ever since we both graduated from Rutgers. One night, after years of being “just friends”, he took me in his arms and professed his love for me. We’ve been together ever since.

But even more importantly, let’s talk about where I live. I live in New York City, Manhattan to be specific. Technically the West Village is you want to be even more specific than that! It’s a big change from growing up in Staten Island and going to college in New Jersey. Although Staten Island is still technically part of NYC, I definitely didn’t feel like I was a “city girl” when I lived there. But once I moved here, everything changed.

If we’re being completely honest here, I think I sort of fell apart. I could have leaned on my friends a little more, asked for help when I was having problems. But that’s what they say about hindsight, it’s 20/20. I would have had to recognize the problems I was having to begin asking for help.

Maybe it was the high pressure environment of being in a competitive graduate program in one of the country’s top schools. Or maybe I was overwhelmed by all of the freedom. There were no rules, no RA’s like in college watching your every move. No dress codes, no curfews, no parents. I began to realize that all of those lines we draw for ourselves are merely in our heads. You can cross them at any time, and there’s no one here to stop you.

So that’s what I did, crossed a line. Big time. It was the most exhilarating moment of my life, and there’s no going back.

Sure, I can blame it on my depressive state at the time. I can blame it on the alcohol I had been consuming in the middle of the day, I can even blame it on him. Him, with his piercing brown eyes and soft as heaven lips. I could blame it on anyone and anything because ultimately I wasn’t accountable to anyone. Anyone apart from myself that is.

It’s a strange feeling to have, this loss of control. This seduction. And as much as I wanted to make it stop, I wanted even more for it to continue.

About the Author:

Recently signed by Harper Impulse/ HarperCollins, Jill Knapp is a native New Yorker who is the author of "What Happens To Men When They Move To Manhattan?", a  New Adult series. A former adjunct professor of Psychology at her Alma Mater Kean University, she received a Masters degree in Psychology from the New School For Social Research in Manhattan. A regular contributor to the Huffington Post, Knapp- writes about entertainment, dating and relationships, and the differences between city and suburban lifestyles. You can follow her on Twitter at @JL_Knapp or
check out her Goodreads page 

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Top Summer Audiobooks from Audible

I have had the opportunity to share with you some fab new audio books in time perfect for the summer holidays! 

Today Wednesday the 23rd July is the day that most schools break up for their summer holidays and families all over the country are getting ready to pack up their suit cases and go on their summer holiday. 

I have been able to bring you the best summer audiobooks that Audible have to offer and there are some cracking titles out at the moment. 

We all know that a good book is a suitcase essential, and with the summer holidays on the horizon, it's time to start planning what title to take away with you. Audible, the UK's leading provider of digital audio entertainment, is delighted to present their top summer listens as the perfect poolside companions. Audiobooks are a fantastic way to enjoy those books that everyone is talking about, without having to worry about sun-glare or getting cramp in your arm! You can just sit back, listen and enjoy....

Here are some of the best sellers currently over at Audible:

Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey 

Maud is forgetful. She makes a cup of tea and doesn’t remember to drink it.

She sometimes thinks her daughter Helen is a total stranger. But there’s one thing Maud is sure of: Her friend Elizabeth is missing. The note in her pocket tells her so. And no matter who tells her to stop going on about it, Maud will get to the bottom of it.

A Hundred Pieces Of Me by Lucy Dillon

Gina is starting her life again, after a difficult few years she’d rather forget. But the belongings she’s treasured for so long just don’t seem to fit who she is now. So Gina makes a resolution. She’ll keep just a hundred items – the rest can go. 

But that means coming to terms with her past and learning to embrace the future, whatever it might bring…

One Plus One by Jojo Moyes 

Penguin presents the unabridged, downloadable audiobook edition of Jojo Moyes’s The One Plus One, read by Elizabeth Bower, Ben Elliot, Nicola Stanton, and Steven France. The One Plus One is the beautiful, poignant, and utterly compelling new novel by the internationally best-selling author Jojo Moyes.

One single mum. With two jobs and two children, Jess Thomas does her best day after day. But it’s hard on your own. And sometimes you take risks you shouldn’t. Because you have to….

One handsome stranger. Into their lives comes Ed Nicholls, a man whose life is in chaos, and who is running from a deeply uncertain future. But he has time on his hands. He knows what it’s like to be lonely. And he wants to help….

One unexpected love story. The One Plus One is a captivating and unconventional romance from Jojo Moyes about two lost souls meeting in the most unlikely circumstances.

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel’s story is about to be completely rewritten.

Insightful, bold, irreverent, and raw, The Fault in Our Stars is award-winning-author John Green’s most ambitious and heartbreaking work yet, brilliantly exploring the funny, thrilling, and tragic business of being alive and in love.

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion 

The downloadable, audiobook edition of Graeme Simsion’s prize-winning romantic comedy The Rosie Project, read by the actor Dan O’Grady.

Meet Don. Don is a genetics professor who just might be somewhere on the autistic spectrum. He looks a little like Gregory Peck and is getting married. He just doesn’t know who to yet. But he has designed a very detailed questionnaire to help him find the perfect woman. And it’s definitely not Rosie. Absolutely, completely, definitely not .Rosie, meanwhile, isn’t looking for love; she’s looking for her biological father. Sometimes, though, you don’t find love: love finds you…

The Fortune Hunter by Daisy Goodwin

From the author of the best-selling My Last Duchess - and for any fans of Downton Abbey

In 1875, Sisi, the Empress of Austria is the woman that every man desires and every woman envies. Beautiful, athletic, and intelligent, Sisi has everything – except happiness. Bored with the stultifying etiquette of the Hapsburg Court and her dutiful but unexciting husband, Franz Joseph, Sisi comes to England to hunt. She comes looking for excitement and she finds it in the dashing form of Captain Bay Middleton, the only man in Europe who can outride her. Ten years younger than her and engaged to the rich and devoted Charlotte, Bay has everything to lose by falling for a woman who can never be his. But Bay and the Empress are as reckless as each other, and their mutual attraction is a force that cannot be denied.

Full of passion and drama, The Fortune Hunter tells the true story of a 19th-century Queen of Hearts and a cavalry captain, and the struggle between love and duty.

The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith

Narrator: Robert Glenister

JK Rowling writing as Robert Galbraith. Cormoran Strike, book 2.

A compulsively listenable crime novel with twists at every turn, The Silkworm is the second in the highly acclaimed series featuring Cormoran Strike and his determined young assistant Robin Ellacott.

When novelist Owen Quine goes missing, his wife calls in private detective Cormoran Strike. At first, she just thinks he has gone off by himself for a few days -as he has done before. But as Strike investigates, it becomes clear that there is more to Quine’s disappearance than his wife realises.

The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

Beautiful, intoxicating, and filled with heart-pounding suspense, The Miniaturist is a magnificent story of love and obsession, betrayal and retribution, appearance and truth.

“A fabulously gripping read that will appeal to fans of The Girl With a Pearl Earring and The Goldfinch, but Burton is a genuinely new voice with her visceral take on sex, race and class … Burton writes great complex female characters” The Observer

The Three by Sarah Lotz

Black Thursday, a day that will never be forgotten. Four passenger planes crash, at almost exactly the same moment, at four different points around the globe.

There are four survivors. Three are children, who emerge from the wreckage unhurt, not unchanged. And the fourth is Pamela May Donald, who lives just long enough to record a voice message on her phone. A message that will change the world.

Sarah Lotz is a screenwriter and novelist who pens novels under the name S.L Grey with author Louis Greenberg; YA novels with her daughter, as Lily Herne; and is one third of pseudonymous author Helena S. Paige.

Everyday Sexism... by Laura Bates

Introduction by Sarah Brown.

Laura founded the Everyday Sexism Project to raise awareness of unacknowledged yet routine sexist incidents, and was astounded by the wide range of stories that came pouring in from all over the world.

Laura Bates is a freelance journalist, writing for the Guardian, the Independent, the New Statesman, Red Magazine and Grazia.

A Perfect Heritage by Penny Vincenzi

A family. A firm. A lifetime of secrets. The irresistible new novel from the No 1 bestselling Penny Vincenzi. The Original and The Best.

The House of Farrell – home of The Cream, an iconic face product that has seen women flocking to its bijoux flagship store in the Berkeley Arcade since 1953. At Farrell, you can rely on the personal touch. The legendary Athina Farrell remains the company’s figurehead and in her kingdom at the Berkeley Arcade, Florence Hamilton plies their cosmetics with the utmost discretion. She is sales advisor – and holder of secrets – extraordinaire. But of course the world of cosmetics is changing and the once glorious House of Farrell is now in decline, its customers tempted away by more fashionable brands.

Enter Bianca Bailey, formidable business woman, mother of three, and someone who always gets her way. Athina and Bianca lock horns over the future of the House of Farrell but it is the past that tells its devastating tale of ambition and ego, passion and wonder. Here is a tale of survival…and a kind of promise.

Will You Remember Me? by Amanda Prowse

Poppy Day is an ordinary woman. She’s a 32-year-old stay-at-home mum with two gorgeous children, while her husband Mart tours with the army. Her simplest pleasure is having her family together in a happy home. But Poppy is too busy to notice the fatigue in her body and the menacing lump growing on her breast. If there’s anyone strong enough to defeat cancer it’s Poppy. But does life really work like that?

My friends over at Audible have very kindly offered to let me run a giveaway, you have the chance to win one of these awesome audio books! All you need to do is have an audible account - (If you haven't you can register and cancel if you don't want the subscription) and then if you are a winner you account will be credited for the audio book you choose. 

You just need to have an account on Audible (As explained above...)

So what are you waiting for? Enter the rafflecopter below and good luck!

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