Monday, 14 July 2014

A Huge Thank You to Sophie!!

I just wanted to write this post to tell everyone how wonderful Sophie over at reviewedthebook is. 

Please go and check out her blog, it is awesome!!!


Just over a week ago, we were tweeting about the new Milly Johnson book - The Teashop on the Corner and I was saying that I hadn't had the chance yet to read it. 

Sophie very kindly offered to send me her spare copy, she didn't want postage costs for it...(naughty Sophie!) But I waited for it to arrive....I am still waiting for this copy...Royal Mail is a let down! 

Sophie was a little distressed about this, I told her not to worry and I would get myself a copy at some point, she then said she was attempting to send another copy :O. Again Royal Mail has let me down and I am still waiting for it. 

I was beginning to think maybe my address didn't exist any more! Then Sophie said I should be receiving a package from Amazon today...And I did! 

Thank you so much Sophie but there was really no need too! Not only did she send me a copy of the book but also another gift! Sophie is the most generous person I think I know! 

So thank you so much for this, you did NOT need to do this at all but it really has cheered me up on a day I am feeling really shattered! So here it is! 

Sophie is the most inspirational person I know, she has a lot of personal issues going on at the moment and still she continues to be upbeat and generous with everyone else. You are a true inspiration to everyone Sophie and I want you to know if you ever want to chat or moan, go on I am good at listening. 

I will be sending a lovely card to say thank you properly but just in case it takes a while to turn up (Royal Mail grrr!) I wanted to let you know how grateful I am now. 

Take care lovely and I am always here if you want to chat. 

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  1. That is indeed really sweet! I can imagine she made your day :)!