Review Policy

I would like to say thank you for coming across my blog and a bigger thank you for considering me to review your book or other product.

I am currently not accepting any books for review from self published authors, this is due to a large back log of review copies I have. 

My Policy: 

I review books in the genres of Women's Contemporary, Chick Literature, Young Adult, Children's Literature, Crime and Thriller, Travel writing fiction and non fiction. 

  • My reviews are just my opinion, if I don't like a book it doesn't mean it is a bad book, just not to my taste.
  • My reviews are always honest and fair, I will never exchange a promise of a positive review in exchange for a free book. 
  • My reviews are also published on Goodreads, Amazon and Judging Covers as well as my blog. My ratings mirror these on these sites.
  • Reading and reviewing is my hobby, I have a full time job and therefore I cannot read on demand, I am happy to review ARCs but cannot guarantee a timely review.  If you need a review for a certain date please always check I can meet that deadline first.
  • I prefer to read a series in order so if you are offering me a copy of of a book in a series and I have not read book one, please provide this as well. 
  •  I prefer to receive books in paperback or hardback format, however if this is not possible a kindle friendly download.  I am currently not accepting e - copies at the moment, due to a temperamental kindle.

If you are interested in my reading and reviewing your book, please e-mail me at
 for contact information or fill in the form below.

Please specify your book title, genre, synopsis and any (reasonable) time restraints within which you want me to read and publish a review.

You can also contact me on  Twitter

Blog Tours: 

I cannot guarantee a review always for a blog tour however I am happy to take part in some way if I can.

If you are including a giveaway, please make it available to UK residents.

You must provide a public schedule and confirm dates with me in advance.

If you send me a copy of the book and I hear nothing else, I will not take part.

Other products:

I am happy to receive other products to review, I currently have a whole beauty section on my blog, however, if your product does not fit in this category a new tab will be made. 

I will post my reviews on my blog as well as and any other sites you wish. 

I will not accept a product for a guaranteed positive review, my reviews are completely honest and fair. 

If for any reason I feel I cannot give you a review, I will contact you direct. ( This has never  happened.)

Thank you,

Samantha Bates 

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