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My Sort-of Kind-of Hero - Emily Harper

My Sort-of, Kind-of HeroMy Sort-of, Kind-of Hero by Emily Harper
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

'Etty Lawrence is a bestselling romance author. At least- she would be if she could just get someone to read her books. Apparently, Amazon doesn't consider the 500 books purchased by your mother to be bestseller material.

When Etty's given some simple advice from a friend- write what you know- she takes it to heart. But she's never been in love before, and she doesn't really have time to fall in love and write a novel at the same time. So, she convinces her slightly unwilling lifelong friend, Travis, to let her follow him around and witness real love, first hand. A third person memoir, if you will. Travis is the perfect hero for her story: he's funny, smart, and good looking; only there's one problem. He says all the wrong things. Does any girl really want to talk about the NHL trades? And his jokes would make a kindergarten class roll their eyes.

But the worst part is, Travis's dates laugh at his corny jokes; the jokes he told Etty first. They touch his sweater; the sweater Etty bought him. And the way these women swoon and gush over him...they obviously aren't leading lady material.

Now Etty has to take this love thing into her own hands if she has any hope of writing a bestseller that people other than her mother will buy.'

When I was contacted by Emily offering me her book to review, I jumped at the chance, this sounded just up my street. Emily is a new author to me and since reading My Sort of Kind of Hero I would definitely want to read more from her.

This is a brilliant chick lit book, it is light and fun. I love the story line of this book, I could visually see it all coming together and the characters were brilliant. This is a story about Etty, she is a struggling writer who has been knocked back several times by publishers and every time she goes to a book signing she hopes there are more people there than just her parents.

The scene in the book store is actually one of my favourites in the book. I love it! I could see it all happening and I felt sorry for Etty waiting for customers to come and ask her to sign her book. I love the glimmer of hope she gets from a boy and later finds out it’s just her friend being kind and trying to support her. This is such an easy read; it was perfect, it had such a good balance of humour, romance and seriousness.

They way the story is written it is predictable but I didn’t mind that in the slightest, I enjoyed reading the story and was racing through the pages, I wanted to see Etty’s relationship develop and want to see her career become a success. I felt that I was able to connect well to Etty, she is my age and trying to create a career for herself of something she has always wanted to do and just needs a break.

Although this is a chick lit book, it is a chick lit with a difference, romance is evident in the book but not in the conventional way.

I would strongly recommend this book to slip into your suitcase this summer for on your holiday, its light, fun and a quick read. After reading this you are going to want to discover more from Harper. I am just sad that it has taken me this long to discover her and that this book is over!

I would like to thank Emily for supplying me with this copy, this has been exchange for an honest review.

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