Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Lavender's Diary Guest Post!

Today I am super excited to have Lavender appearing here on The Book Corner, she is here to share with you a day from her diary. 

So I would like to say welcome Lavender!

Lavender’s Diary

6.00 am: My alarm usually wakes me with loud and happy music. That way I will start my day with a positive feeling. I put it far away from my bed, so I have to get up immediately. It’s early and I can hear the birds whistle. I take a shower first, so my head won’t feel sleepy anymore. Then I write as much as I can in the limited time I have.

8.00 am: It’s time to get ready for work. I’m getting dressed, do my makeup and choose my accessories for that day. Sometimes I’m packing lunch as well. I always think that I have a lot of time, but I often end up being late, because it’s an illusion.

9.00 am: The library opens and there are people who are waiting in front of the building, so they can get in immediately. If I’m on time I open the doors and talk to them. Especially when there’s a regular visitor it’s nice to catch up. Usually there’s an old man named Herman. He looks a bit scruffy, but he’s really nice. He’s travelled a lot and he is a great story teller.

10.00 am: My boss, Edward, sends me to the coffee bar for his morning shot of caffeine. It gives me a chance to chat with my friend Zoe, who’s standing behind the counter. I’m ready for a nice cup of tea. I’m not much of a coffee drinker. Edward and I drink our hot beverages together and we talk. I like my boss, we get along very well and we also see each other privately. He’s a bit of a father figure and his wife, Victoria, is an amazing cook.

11.00 am: I officially have a morning break at this time. I often use it to check up on my friends and family. It’s also my snack moment. I like to bring homemade cookies to work and need to pack a lot of extras, to hand to some of the visitors and my colleagues.

12.00 pm: Mothers come in with their children at lunch hour. It is my favourite time of day. I read stories for at least an hour. I love picture books and can never get enough of them.

1.00 pm: I’m having a lunch break. Sometimes I spend it with Edward or Zoe. My friend Gina works next door at the art library and we have lunch together at least once a week. Preferably on Friday when it’s market day.

14.00 pm: It’s time for a visit of another one of our regulars. Mrs. Peterson is a real lady. She donates money and comes to the library to socialize. She asks me which books she should read and she talks to Edward for at least half an hour.

15.00 pm: I often use this time to do some chores. I walk around and check if everything is in order, before a lot of people will be storming in soon.

16.00 pm: The schools are out and a lot of parents send their children to the library. Some come here to study and others for fun, because they genuinely love books. There’s also the odd child who’s here because there’s nowhere else to go. Especially in the winter months that’s heartbreaking. I try to give them as much attention as I can. Not all children are sweet and adorable though, so I have to keep my eyes open to check if they are behaving themselves.

17.00 pm: We get some last minute visits at this time. A lot of people aren’t very punctual with the returning process of their books. This is fine time, we receive most money at the end of the day.

17.30 pm: The library closes and I have half an hour to help our volunteers who are stacking the shelves. It’s a nice and peaceful time and I love that I’m able to talk aloud, without disturbing anyone, now. I like walking around and checking our books. It’s the best time of day.

18.00 pm: Time to go home. I often spend my evenings with friends, family or my boyfriend. I also like to curl up on the sofa while reading a book. My passion for books doesn’t stop when I leave the library, I think about them every minute of the day.

Lavender has a wonderful blog, where she blogs about many different things. She of course has a love of books and regularly recommends brilliant books so make sure you check out her blog here

She is also on twitter and loves to connect with others you can find her here

I would like to thank Lavender for taking the time out to appear on the book corner and we have really enjoyed having her! 

Thanks again!

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