Thursday, 3 July 2014

Just in Case - Chrissie Manby

Just in CaseJust in Case by Chrissie Manby
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

'Never were there two less similar identical twins than Clare and Rosie Marwood. Though they were born within three minutes of each other and spent their childhoods dressed in matching outfits, they’ve grown up to have less in common than Kim Kardashian and the Duchess of Cambridge.

So both women are horrified when a luggage mix-up means that sensible Clare must attend a company conference in the United States with Rosie’s suitcase full of pink, frills and stripper heels, while flamboyant Rosie heads for a friend’s destination wedding in Italy's Tuscany with Clare’s case full of suiting and sensible courts. Both believe wearing the other’s clothes is going to ruin their chances: Clare’s of getting a promotion and Rosie’s of getting a snog. But as three days of literally having to walk in each other’s shoes unfold, will the sisters discover they should try to be more like each other after all?

This exclusive new novella (short novel at around 100 pages) by Chrissie Manby explores sisterhood, identity and love in a thoroughly summery way.'

I really love novella's they are perfect for in between heavier and longer books. I was very excited to read this novella as it's based on travelling and the summer so two of my favourite things!

Clare and Rosie are twins and from being really small their mum would dress them the same, not out of choice but having little money she would rely on people buying them clothes and they normally thought it was cute to get them the same. When they got older and began making their own money, they chose to express themselves through their clothes, allowing themselves to become individual.

Most birthdays would see them with different presents, except this year when their mum finds some great suitcases and if she buys two she will get a fantastic discount. She feels both girls would benefit from the new cases as they are both due to go away. When their birthday arrives, both girls could not be happier and neither of them mind they are the same.

I don't want to say anymore as I feel it will give the plot away and as it is only a novella this would be a huge shame.

The story is a little predictable, however this did not spoil my enjoyment of it. Although a novella, nothing feels rushed in it and I felt the depth of the characters was good. There is enough information on them for you to warm to the characters. The idea of the story is light hearted and fun, I felt it left me with a feel good factor once finished. This was the perfect pick me up in between some books.

This is certainly a novella to download for your journey on holiday or even for an afternoon around by the pool. After reading this I cannot wait to get stuck into Manby's newest novel - A Proper Family Holiday - there is even a sneak peek of this at the end of this novella!

This for me was a big 5* and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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