Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Southcart Books - Bookshop revamp!

Hey guys this is a really quick post, I just wanted to help spread the word about Southcart Books and what they are up to. This is an independent bookshop in Walsall, West Midlands and they are looking to revamp their bookshop, especially the children's section. 

Being a primary school teacher, this is something I am really passionate about, getting children into the love of reading and realising they can read for pleasure and not just because they are told they have to!

A little about the bookshop:

'Hello everybody , we are Scott and Amy who with the help of a small government loan opened the only independent bookshop in our area , its been so far so good and have had such an amazing local response from the public and local authors wishing to hold readings and signings.

the only problem is we started with very limited funds and would love to greatly improve our children's reading room and add more bookcases and also start to offer light refreshments to the public.

We aspire to be very community based and help local and independent authors and artists at every turn and as the only outlet for this in our area we are expecting a good response , we have all ready created the only independent author bookcase for miles around but would love to add more , plus we have a dedicated children's room but would love to improve it for all the local children , pictured below is our authors bookcase and the children's room.'

Scott and Amy have set up a page here where you can go and donate to help them improve their book shop. This is really a great cause and if you pledge you can also receive things from them.

Pledge £10 or more and you will get a free book and a drink to enjoy

Pledge £25 or more and you will get a free book and a drink every month for 3 months!

Pledge £50 or more and you get all the above plus a drink every month for 6 months

Pledge £100 or more, receive 2 free books and a drink every month for 6 months

Pledge £500 or more, receive weekly books and drinks for life!!!

Whatever you can afford to pledge though would help, even if it is only £1. 

So what will your money be spent on?

*redecoration of some areas*

*4 new childrens bookcases*

*childrens furniture*

*coffee machine and small display fridge*

*4 large bookcases*

*centrepiece table*

*wheelchair ramp*

Please check out their page and you can follow them on twitter here

Thanks for stopping to check this post out. 

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