Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Summer Feature 2014 by Kirsty Guest Post

Today Kirsty over at loveofagoodbook has stopped by at The Book Corner this afternoon to chat to use about a book she enjoyed. I am really excited to have her guest posting on The Book Corner as this is a book that I really want to get my hands on, so thanks Kirsty for sharing with us about this book. 

I love books about summer, I love stories that whisk my imagination to sunnier climes and provide escapism and pure bliss! 

Recently I read an incredible book based in some wonderful locations, a book that brought summer to life.

It's packaged in the most heavenly cover and has the most appropriate name 'A Girl Called Summer'

In my review I said; 

Lucy Lord delivers summer in her latest book. Whether you are experiencing a heatwave or stuck listening to the rain, this book is the perfect form of escapism.

Lord, will whisk you away to Ibiza, LA and ST Tropez, with this deliciously descriptive read that will have you feeling the warmth of the water and the sand underfoot.

Her words will leave you longing for Sangria and a chance to experience the lifestyle that’s within the pages!

Before I start to tell you about A Girl Called Summer I wanted to say that although I’ve read and loved both previous books, that if you are a new reader this can be read as a standalone!

A Girl Called Summer reunites us with Bella and Andy, as they embark on a new life in Ibiza.
The story follows the couple as they settle into a new way of living, build new friendships and are visited by Poppy, Damien, Ben and Natalia.

I LOVED, being reunited with Bella, the change in her life brings about a happier more grounded Bella and it was wonderful to discover.

I LOVED the new friendship that she formed with Summer, Summer is an incredible character and it’s great to read about a beautiful character who has kept her personality and is just genuinely lovely and down to earth,
It felt to me as though Bella and Summer changed each other’s lives,

I LOVED Jack Meadows, HOT Hollywood movie star, incredibly down to earth and genuine. He sounds divine and has soared his way to the book boyfriend list.

I LOVED gorgeous, beautiful, happy Daisy!

In fact ladies and gentleman, I LOVED everything about this book. I need the shouty capitals to emphasise just how much I LOVED the story, the characters and the journey they go on.

Through the pages Lord takes us on a journey that deals with some tough issues, as well as some fun hedonistic escapades.

With the fluidity of the story flowing like the calmest sea, this is a read that will pull you in and captivate your mind, you will lose yourself in every page and close the book with a sense of happiness.


If I could recommend one book this summer that will bring the sunshine to your door, this is definitely the one!

I would like to thank Kirsty for participating in The Summer Feature. This is a book that I am dying to read and after that recommendation it has jumped right to the top of my TBR! 

You can find Kirsty on Twitter here and dont forget to check out her blog!

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