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Summer Feature 2014 by Holly Guest Post

Today at The Book Corner Holly has stopped by to talk about her summer authors! 

Hi Holly, 

I’m delighted to be part of the Summer Feature on The Book Corner, so thank you, Sam for having me!

I have thought long and hard about what should be my ‘topic’ (I’m studious like that...ha!) and after deciding I couldn’t possibly pick my top 5 summer reads (because I have no self control and would struggle to get it below 50!) I thought that if I chose my top 5 authors whose books are perfect for a bit of summer reading then I might not be deliberating quite so much. So here we go!

One of my first authors whose books I feel make perfect summer reading is Jill Mansell. I am a massive fan of all of her novels and I’m yet to read one I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed. If you’re looking for a beach setting then I would recommend The Unpredictable Consequences of Love which is based in the gorgeous sounding seaside village of St Carys. One of her earlier novels, Sheer Mischief is also set in a Cornish town and will have you dreaming about holidays. (If you’re into your book cover’s looking beach-y then Sheer Mischief is perfect for you...)

My next author for essential summertime reading is Catherine Alliott. Ever since reading The Secret Life of Evie Hamilton I have been a Catherine Alliott fan. Her books definitely have that ‘something’ for me, brilliantly drawn characters, interesting plot lines and plenty of laugh-out-loud humour too. There’s usually a more serious undertone to some of her books but that works brilliantly alongside the lighter side equalling the perfect combination. Her latest release, My Husband Next Door I found to be one of her best. Whilst it doesn’t have a beach setting (the main characters live on a farm) it’s definitely got a rural, countryside feel to it, which is just as enjoyable. Plus, all of the hilarity of the animals makes for brilliant added extras!

The third author I have chosen is Katie Fforde. Katie is a prolific writer and one of the first authors of the ‘chick-lit’ genre that I read many, many years ago. One of my favourite novels of hers is Going Dutch which is about a character living on a barge and like most of Katie’s books it is a breezy, delightful, delicious story. Her stories are complete escapism and what more could you want for a good summer read? Perhaps, a bit of romance and Katie’s books certainly have that...usually in abundance. Her cover’s are gloriously summery (the originals and the new re-designs) and if you haven’t had to joy of reading a Katie Fforde book I can’t recommend enough that you do. With over twenty novels there are stacks to choose from but some of my favourites are Flora’s Lot, Restoring Grace and Practically Perfect.

Next up is Jodi Picoult. Ever since reading My Sister’s Keeper I have been a huge fan of Jodi Picoult’s. Once you start reading you will NOT be able to put her books down and if you’re looking for a gripping, attention grabbing novel to keep you company on a day at the beach then look no further. I always admire the research that Jodi must put into her books and I become completely wrapped up in the ‘moral dilemmas’ of her stories. Her novels will get you thinking and asking yourself what you would do in the characters situations. If you’re looking to lose yourself in a novel over the summer then please try one of Jodi Picoult’s books. I can heartily recommend Sing You Home, Handle with Care and Plain Truth.

My final must-read author for the summer is my favourite author in the whole entire world...Sophie Kinsella. I just love Sophie and all of her books; I would include them on any list of favourites I was compiling, but it just so happens that her funny, down-to-earth, brilliant books also make for perfect summer reading. My ultimate favourite books of Sophie’s are the Shopaholic series. If I could mix every element of a good book together then the end result would be The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic. As we’re talking summer reads, why not try the second book in the series, Shopaholic Abroad when Becky goes to work in New York? Perfect! I cannot think of a more ideal companion for a scorching hot day by the sea than one of Sophie’s books. They have everything. Romantic, humorous, charming, witty, with gripping storylines and characters you can identify with...the list goes on. Her books are a complete delight.

Thanks again for having me on board, Sam. Writing this has been huge fun and also made me really want to go back a read all of these lovely books! Have a great summer fellow bookaholics! 

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I would like to thank Holly for participating in the Summer Feature 2014. Great choices there! Make sure you check back soon for another bloggers summer features!

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