Friday, 22 August 2014

The Summer Feature 2014 by Charlotte Foreman Guest Post

Today Charlotte has stopped by to share with us who she would love to go on holiday with. I would just like to thank everyone who has participated in The Summer Feature, we have had such a wonderful selection of content to bring all the readers and I personally really enjoyed reading everyone's posts. 

Holiday Dream Team

By Charlotte Foreman

If I were planning a summer holiday, my first choice of companions would be my family. However, if I were embarking on a girly week in the sun, my getaway dream team would consist solely of authors. Not a great surprise, I know. While I would obviously spend hours mercilessly grilling them on their entire back catalogs, those who made the cut did so for very specific reasons:

Lisa Dickenson - After penning her new book You Had Me at Merlot, I reckon Lisa knows a thing or two about decent vino. Being the ultimate lightweight, I’ve tried unsuccessfully to mature my drinking tastes and graduate onto alcohol that costs more than six pints of milk. I’m confident she’d be able to wrestle the glass of Lambrini from my hand and point me in the direction of a nice fruity Rose that won’t have me up to my neck in porcelain after only a few glasses. Classy I know, but a situation that repeated itself only very recently.

Mandy Baggot – Why would I take Mandy with me? Because after meeting her a few times, I know without a shadow of a doubt that at some point during our holiday - probably more than once, tbh - we’d end up wearing cowboy hats on a stage somewhere belting out classic karaoke songs. Plus wherever Mandy is, there’s always sausage and mash so I’m guaranteed a few decent meals too.

Lucy Robinson - I know it’s not very ladylike but I do love to swear and basically talk like I’m a member of the Shameless cast. I’m not a chav or anything, I just like to let loose with the curses when in the right company. Now, strike me down if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure Lucy and I could have a whole conversation using nothing but profanities. Yes, we might sound like old fishwives but it would probably be very cathartic . . . holiday relaxation done sailor style.

Jamie McGuire - If you follow Jamie on any of her social media accounts, you’ll know that she films and photographs everything. Therefore, not only would she never miss an opportunity to commit every shenanigan to electronic memory but we’d probably also come away with lots pictures of us looking fairly decent. She also strikes me as the kind of women who could drink the average man under the table and her bad language may rival a Danny Dyer film.

I reckon we’d have an unforgettable time that could prove inspirational for a crazy scene or two in some upcoming releases!

Do you have a dream team in mind for your perfect getaway?

NB: If any authors included on my list actually to read this and fancy a holiday, I’m only an email away (

Once again I would like to thank Charlotte for participating. You can follow her on twitter and please check out her wonderful blog here


  1. LOL since my life revolves around my family my dream holiday would be a beach retreat with just myself and a pile of my TBRs...

  2. Absolutely made up to be part of your dream team! I never go anywhere without mash and wine...where's my suitcase?