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Secret Santa by Scarlett Bailey

Secret SantaSecret Santa by Scarlett Bailey
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A self-confessed Christmas queen, Sue Montaigne prides herself on organising the annual nativity pageant in her small Cornish village of Poldore.

But this year, what with having to deal with the repairs on Castle House after it was wrecked by a terrible storm, training a new – and frankly flighty – Virgin Mary and managing a Joseph who is allergic to sheep, she is distinctly lacking a little bit of ‘me time’.

And then there are the auditions for the new Santa. But nothing prepares her for the beautiful man who turns up, a twinkle in his eye and a promise to make her Christmas dreams come true…

I absolutely loved 'Just for Christmas' and 'Two weddings and a baby' last year, so when I heard Scarlett Bailey was back with Secret Santa also set in Poldore, I needed to read it.

This story centres around Sue, Sue inherited a large castle in the village, that had been passed down to her by her ancestors. She has got big financial problems and some with her husband. Sue is really in the heart of the community, she decides to really throw herself into the festivities this year, things are not plain sailing for her, especially when the long running Santa pulls out this year. Sue only has a few days to try and get a new Santa in time for Christmas!

There is a new visitor in the village this year, a famous actor, who Sue has taken a shine to. (Actually I think we all did!)

Although the story is set with the run up to Christmas, there are many issues in it that you can almost be forgiven for forgetting when it is set. A major them in this novella is the break down of Sue' s marriage and the effect she feels this will have on her children. Money worries and the stress this can cause is also a big theme.

I love the mysterious Nick and how his character can really change the dynamics and feelings of the story.

I really loved this short story and has become one of my favourites I have read so far. I am so glad I discovered Scarlett Bailey last year and I hope we will be getting more instalments from Poldore in the future.

I would like to thank the publisher for sending this in exchange for an honest review.

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