Wednesday, 15 October 2014

LA Nights - Lucy Lord

LA NightsLA Nights by Lucy Lord
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A short story from the hilarious author of A GIRL CALLED SUMMER - find out what Tamara was up to before her Ibiza adventures!

Tamara Gold was Hollywood’s biggest wildchild, but the time has come to settle down at last with the man of her dreams: Jack Meadows, hunk of the moment, has finally proposed. But now she has to meet his parents – the celebrated rocker, Filthy Meadows and his fiery wife, Maria Gonzalez – ex-groupie and tiger mother. Will Tamara be able to keep her cool with her future in-laws?

A cracking short story that takes place just before the events of A GIRL CALLED SUMMER.

This has been my first experience of Lucy Lord. I was apprehensive about reading this novella as I have not read 'A girl called summer' and ones undue if they are related. I am still not sure but it doesn't matter, this can be read as a stand alone. - I will be reading the other now though in the 'Nights' series.

We meet Tamara Gold, who is an actress and engaged to Hollywood hunk Jack Meadows. She is on her way to LA to meet her future in-laws, but Heather, his mother has been doing a bit of research and is not best pleased that Jack is going to be shacked up with her.

So much happens in. this novella, th pace is good and keeps the reader interested. It also has. Surprisingly element which was welcome, after that revelation I am go to have to read next in the series.

I would recommend this as its perfect for a holiday read.

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