Monday, 27 October 2014

Benefit It's Potent! Eye Cream

Benefit It's Potent! Eye cream

From Birchbox website:

Thanks to this powerful cream, even stressed-out workaholics can cheat eight hours of sleep. The thick caramel-coloured refreshment works to preserve the elasticity of the delicate under eye area while protecting skin from free radicals. A team of actives, including cocoa extract, boosts microcirculation to help fade the look of dark circles. With apple extract to up the collagen count and loquat extract to fight free radicals, you’re covered.


I was a little disappointed with the size of this sample. The packaging was gorgeous, but the pot was seriously on the small side, (I could barely fit my finger in it). The cream itself is lovely, it really feels luxurious and smooth. When applying it to my eyes it felt silky smooth and didn't dry tacky or sticky. 

As for the result, I don't think I have used it long enough yet in order to see any benefits, I will continue and finish the sample size. 

 So will I purchase the product when the sample runs out?

I am a little unsure on this one at the moment, I think it is because I haven't used it long enough yet to see any difference. I am a big fan of the way it feels on the skin, so if it continues to feel this way, I may well be making this a permanent fixture in my make up bag. 

If you are impressed with this product or wish to try it, you can purchase it from the Birchbox website for £25.50

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