Saturday, 11 October 2014

Agave Healing Oil Treatment

Agave Healing Oil Treatment 

From Birchbox website

Mexico’s blue agave is best known as the source of tequila, but we’re also intoxicated by its ability to moisturise and strengthen hair. Agave extract is a key ingredient in this healing oil treatment created by Beverly Hills hairdresser Fernando Romero (Romero, an Acapulco native, calls agave “nature’s smoothing secret.”). The lightweight oil helps hair build resiliency as it boosts vibrancy, shine and colour. And it’s free of the stuff that’s not so good for your locks: parabens, sulphates and phthalates. We’ll raise a glass to that! 120ml.


I got a sample of this is in a tube shaped bottle (like those mini perfume viles you can get) I used this as instructed on the packaging, which was to rub a small amount into the hair when it is towel dried. 

I only used a tiny bit and it felt non greasy which was great! When I had long hair, whenever I would go to the hairdressers they would always put this on my hair. My hair is now short and to be honest I didn't really see any difference. This could be because my hair is short and that longer hair benefits from this more.  

So would I purchase this when the sample runs out?

I think I would purchase this if I had longer hair as it does seem to strengthen your hair, something which I would need if it was longer to try to protect split ends. 

This is available to buy direct from the Birchbox website at £27. 

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