Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Beauty Blender + Beauty Cleanser Solid

Beauty Blender + Beauty Cleanser Solid

From Birchbox website:

Eggs are nutritionally good for you for a lot of reasons and this egg-shaped beauty tool is good for your make-up, too! The beautyblender® make-up sponge was created without edges in order to eliminate visible lines and streaks. Use the sides of the sponge to seamlessly apply foundation and blush all over the face, while the pointed tip is great for applying base into small spaces and onto blemishes. This little egg-shaped miracle will leave your make-up base looking flawless. And the solid blendercleanser® soap will leave IT looking flawless! 90ml.


I was so excited when I opened September's Birchbox and saw I received this little product. I had heard brilliant things about it and could not wait to try it. At £26 this certainly made my Birchbox this month value for money and anything else was a bonus! 

So I quickly decided to give this little product a try. I love that it comes with a little soap for you to be able to clean your little beauty. The shape of this allows you to blend your make up in places that are tricky to get to. 

Ok, so down to the product itself. When I began to 'blend' my make up with this, it did work, but unfortunately it does actually feel like it is removing your make up rather than blending it. This annoyed me slightly as make up is so expensive that you do not want a product that you feel it wasting it. At £26 I also find this to be expensive for what it actually is, at the end of the day it is just a clever sponge, recently I have been into Wilkinson and found a very similar product, cleverly shaped but minus the soap at a mere £3. 

So would I purchase this again?

This is a very easy question for me and that is no, I have found similar products for less than half the price. I am very pleased I had the opportunity to try this, this month but I will stick to imitation products. 

If you do love the beauty blender and wish to purchase one, you can do at the Birchbox website at a cost of £26.

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