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The Silent Wife - A.S.A Harrison

The Silent WifeThe Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

'HE is a committed cheater. SHE lives and breathes denial. HE exists in dual worlds. SHE likes to settle scores. A chilling psychological thriller for fans of GONE GIRL.

Todd and Jodi have been together for more than twenty years. They are both aware their world is in crisis, though neither is willing to admit it. Todd is living a dual existence, while Jodi is living in denial. But she also likes to settle scores. When it becomes clear their affluent Chicago lifestyle could disintegrate at any moment, Jodi knows everything is at stake. It's only now she will discover just how much she's truly capable of... '

I was sent this book direct from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

This book has been likened to Gone Girl, this is one book that I do have on my book shelf ready to read so I couldn’t comment on similarities of it.

I found this difficult to give a star rating due to my uncertainty of the book and how it has made me feel, due to this I think I would have given the book 3 and a half stars if possible.

I found this a strange book, its set out as him and her and I was unsure if I liked this set up and I found myself wondering if anything was actually happening in the book, saying this I had this urge to keep reading it, even though I was unsure about my feelings with it.

Todd is him and we are taken through a journey with him, he has been with Jodi for 20 years, they seem to have the perfect life. Todd however had a deep dark secret, he has been seeing his best friends daughter, who is young enough to be his daughter, but Todd gets the thrill of being with a younger woman who is completely different to Jodi.

Jodi is her, she finds out about Todd’s affair but almost blocks it out, becomes silent about it and wonders if he is ever going to tell her. You really feel for Jodi as time goes on and begin to develop hatred for Todd as events unfold.

I felt parts of the book were long winded and didn’t need to be, pace for majority of the time was good, however I felt it fell a bit flat. There were times you wanted Jodi to just wake up, you get the impression she is a strong woman and as a psychologist gives out a lot of advice, but she seems to not be able to follow her own advise.

Jodi seeks a friendship in Alison, however Alison doesn’t seem like a true friend, it’s as if it was ok as she was the only one of her so called friends that has been there for her, not all aspects of their friendship hold up, and Jodi asks no questions which I find bizarre, I do not want to say anymore on that point in case you haven’t read it and intend to.

This story I would say is disturbing as there is no violence you read or gore in the book, just mind games and tricks. It also questions how well you know the person you live with and devout your life too, do you really know someone? Jodi didn’t really know Todd and he thought he knew Natasha but when things got more serious he began to see cracks that weren’t there with Jodi. The story is a little about is the grass always greener on Todd’s side.

One thing I did enjoy about this story is that you couldn’t predict what was going to happen even the further you got in the book it was still a surprise.

Even right at the end of the story I am unsure how the book has left me and how I feel about it. I would like to thank the publisher for sending me this copy.

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