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SOS! I love you - Katina Jones

SOS! I love you – Katina Jones
5* out of 5*

I was sent this direct from the author and publisher in exchange for an honest review. 
This story is about Abi, she is getting married and wants to go on a hen party before the wedding. She decides she wants to go to Ibiza with the girls on a week long holiday and feels she can tie this in nicely with perhaps the last girly holiday she will be having. Rob her fiancĂ© isn’t too thrilled with her going to Ibiza, however she goes. Along with her closest friends and Rhiannon, Rhiannon is Robs business partners wife, Abi doesn’t know her that well, however she ends up inviting herself. 

I was worried as when I was sent the copy I was only given 5 days to read it and write the review and sometimes if a book is a bit slow or not engaging me I find this hard to read so quick. I should not have been worried with this book, I couldn’t put it down. I read it in 2 days and was sad when it came to an end. 

The story is gripping from the start and shows good features of a chick lit novel, it is an easy read and captures you though out. It begins almost half way through the book with Rob, Abi’s fiancĂ© turning up at Abi’s hotel in Ibiza, shouting at her, calling the wedding off. The story then goes back in time to tell you what has happened up until this point and then continues on. I felt this was done very well, it wasn’t confusing, and it made you want to read to find out what had happened. Like I said before gripping from the start. 

I felt I could relate to Abi and her friends, and the characters were well developed. I was unsure about why Abi’s mum was included, she seemed to have a minor part to play in the story. This however was made clear the further into the story I came. The story captured me, I felt I knew Abi and her friends, I felt I was with her in Ibiza and part of the Hen chicks. I learnt to hate Rhiannon and hoped she would get her comeuppance. 

The only negative thing I have to say about this novel is around the 200 page mark I felt Katina Jones insulted her characters, especially Abi. I get the impression that Abi and her friends are in their 20’s and she comes out with the comment: ‘she wants us to go and have a fight with them. On the beach for some reason. Who’s Churchill by the way?’ I thought this comment was silly as I am in my mid 20’s and I knew this statement and who Churchill was, I don’t think I would be alone in that either. This turned me off the characters slightly, which is a shame as I love the book. If it was meant to be a humorous comment I also feel this didn’t come across well as throughout the book there were no other comments like this. 

However it quickly picked up again and there were no further comments like this, I was able to fall in love with the characters again and was taken on more of a mystery for the further part of the book. I thought this was clever on Jones’ part, she had written a chick lit book with a crime reference and it worked very well. Again I was hooked as I wanted to find out if we would ever get a happy ending. 

There were many characters that come and go in the book, however all of these have a relevant reason to be there and effect the storyline accordingly. I really enjoyed this book and would urge others to read it. It was a quick read for me, I only wish it was longer! 

Thank you very much Imprint and Katina for sending me the book and I can’t wait to read your next one. You will love this is you like Lindsey Kelk books. 

SOS! I love you is going to be out this summer.

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