Saturday, 13 July 2013

Brunch with Lindsey Kelk!

So I waited for what felt like weeks since being told I had an invite for brunch with Lindsey. The day has finally arrived and it was great! 

We arrived at Kiehls in London and were greeted with a glass of Buck's Fizz. Lindsey arrived and began to speak to us about her new book: About a Girl

Lindsey was very friendly and chatted about amusing things such as: How do you manage to pull off the socks and sandals look? 

Lindsey was caught out by the hot weather and explained she had to go and buy some summer clothes since she has been here. The socks and sandals were meant for a different outfit, however she wore them anyway! 

Lindsey spoke to us about her I heart series books and confirmed she has finished I heart Christmas now and the first draft has been sent. We expect to be able to read this from November 2013, personally I am very excited about this as so far the I heart series is my favourite out of Lindsey's books. Unfortunately she didn't give much away, only that it's planning to be a 'perfect' christmas that involves the whole family but people make things difficult and it doesn't go to plan. (Sounds like regular christmas' to me!- going to be a good addition to the I heart series I feel!) 

Lindsey also spoke about her inspiration for her new book- About a girl. She feels that women in our generation have been told to go out there, get a career and everything else will slot into place. However we are living in a different economical society now and people are losing jobs and this is having an impact on a life you have been told to go out and get. 

Lindsey also spoke about her time in Hawaii while writing part of the book, she has said it is one of the most beautiful places she has ever been. - currently up there on places to visit for me! 

Lindsey also spoke about bad dates, travelling to see friends and where the better men are.... The US or UK. 

I had a great morning with Lindsey and she topped it off by signing my book for me! Thanks again Lindsey

About a girl is available to buy now. 

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  1. It sounds like you had a fab time! I've just finished About a Girl and cannot wait for the next instalment! X