Sunday, 7 July 2013

Summer Affairs - Louise Candlish


Louise Candlish – Summer Affairs
 My rating – 5*

The Alibi
When Kim oversteps the mark and 'borrows' a dress belonging to her employer, she has no idea she is also providing an alibi... 

The Assignation 
Agnes signs up for a course that teaches losers in love how to recover their mojo, but no one expects to find success they? 

Doing the Wrong Thing 
A woman escapes her husband and children to fly to Marrakech for a weekend with 'the girls'. Why, then, is she checking in alone? 

I download this to my kindle as I wanted a quick read, this is certainly that! I think all 3 stories are around 37 pages in total! Tagged onto the end of these are opening chapters of Louise Candlish’s new book.

My favourite of the short stories is actually the last one, Doing the Wrong Thing. This just as suggested is about a women who goes off on a weekend with her friends, not all is as it seems. I love stories which take place on planes or travelling and this is just that. I just wish it had been a little longer as I read in about 10 minutes!

This is a very quick read, however it gives an insight into Louise Candlish’s writing (this was the first of hers I have read before) and it was free, cannot complain about that!

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