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Are the Dinosaurs Dead, Dad? - Julie Middleton

Are the Dinosaurs Dead, Dad?Are the Dinosaurs Dead, Dad? by Julie Middleton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

'Kids love to imagine what dinosaurs might have been like when they were alive. But when a trip to the museum turns into a real-life prehistoric encounter, Dave and his dad dont need to use their imagination. As they walk through the rooms of the exhibit, Dave keeps trying to get his dads attention. The dinosaurs around him spring to life, but Dad remains oblivious to the unfolding scene and keeps insisting theyre dead. Dave knows better, though, and when they find themselves pursued by a hungry Tyrannosaurus, Dad finally realizes it too!'

This story I got sent from the publishers for an honest review.

I took this book to school to read it to my class, I was unsure of the reaction I was going to get from them.

This book is about Dave and his dad. His dad takes him to the dinosaur museum, on his way round he see's the dinosaurs move and tells dad. Dad always replies the same 'it's just your imagination'. This is until dad gets a shock at the end of the story!

The children loved this book. They began to join in with dad as he says 'it's just your imagination', they could not wait to see what the new dinosaur would be on the next page. They found the story very funny, down to the illustrations and even after the story had been read and I flicked back over pages they began laughing again!

From an educational point of view the story is good for introducing dinosaurs and also language associated with them. 'Herbivore' was a word introduced and engaged conversation with discussing this. The also gave a starting point to talk about 'Carnivores' and 'Omnivores'. We also spoke about museums and how we knew the dinosaurs were dead.

I would recommend this book for nursery and primary school children.

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