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In the name of love - Katie Price

In the Name of LoveIn the Name of Love by Katie Price
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

'On a sun drenched beach in Barbados, feisty sports presenter Charlie meets the irresistibly gorgeous Felipe Castillo. Instantly attracted to each other, they have a passionate affair, until he walks out with no explanation. It is only then that she discovers that Felipe is related to the Spanish royal family, is a brilliant rider and the lynchpin of the Spanish Eventing team.

Back in London, Charlie puts her heartbreak behind her by going out on the town. Until Felipe returns and turns her life upside down again. Soon they are the golden couple of sport, followed by the press wherever they go.

But not everyone is happy to see the two together: his disapproving mother for one, and the anonymous person that is waging a hate campaign against Charlie at work. And as the pressure on the couple mounts, a dark shadow from Charlie's past comes back to haunt her.

Will Charlie be able to overcome her past in the name of love?'

I have read all of Katie Price’s novels and thoroughly enjoyed them, however I have to say that I think this has been the worst I have read. It started very promising and I was enjoying the story line. 

Charlie one of the main characters goes away with Zoe, her best friend on holiday to the Caribbean. The story became very rushed, I could not believe the quickness of Charlie’s new found love relationship. No more than 6 hours after they had landed Charlie was already on a date with a guy she met out there.

Felipe and Charlie’s relationship became a rollercoaster of a holiday romance, however they were both carrying a secret. This was later blown out of proportion and they went their separate ways.

Once Charlie was at home, we follow Charlie through her day to day life at work as a Sports T.V presenter and it was nice to be introduced to her work colleagues Darcy in particular. One day Charlie is told to attend a red carpet dinner event and it's here that Charlie was reintroduced to Felipe. This I feel was also a high point in the book. After the two of them had been reintroduced I felt the story was beginning to drift; the story became predictable and boring. 

I had been aware the story probably would be predictable and I was ok with that, however the further into the story I came I was becoming bored and actually frustrated and annoyed by some of the characters. Charlie in particular became annoying, you just wanted to shake her!

I began to develop sympathy and enjoyed reading about Darcy, even though I guess it was Charlie and Felipe I was meant to care about and to be honest I couldn’t care less about what happened to Charlie in the end. I began skim reading as I wanted to get to the end of this book. This I feel was not one of Katie Price’s best novels, I did finish it as I was sent to review it from the publishers and I am only grateful that this was not the first of hers I have read.

Another disappointing feature of the book is that I found the spelling and grammar particularly bad in the story. I feel more should have been done when it was proof read. There were many plural errors which should have not made it into the book. I also feel that the story could have been shorter, it felt like she was dragging everything out to make it into a longer novel but then cramming things into the end to make it a happy ending.

I feel that it is a good book for the beach, you can put it down and when you pick it up again you still know what is going on. The cover is stunning in the way it draws you in and you want it to add to your beach collection. I am hoping that Katie Price write's more about Angel and Crystal from previous novels as these books are in a different league compared to this. 

I would like to thank the publishers for sending it to me. 

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