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Star Paws, Christmas Sticker Book - Macmillan Children's Books

Star Paws, Christmas Sticker Book

Macmillan Children's Books

5 of 5*

'Ding Dong Merrily 'tis the season of festive cheer! There are presents to wrap, feasts to prepare, snowballs to throw and some fabulously festive outfits to choose! Get sticking with bells, bows, snow white beards and jazzy winter knitwear!'

When Macmillan contacted me to ask if I would like to review their Star Paws series, I jumped at the chance. This was one of the fabulous books that arrived with the postman! 

As a class teacher I like to share my books with them, to help get a first hand review from them. However unlike the others in the Star Paws series, where I have shared them with the children; Star Paws Christmas I am saving for them, for a time in December. So this review I have completed without the children, however from their reaction of the other Star Paw books, I think I can have a guess what they will think about this one!

The contents page is set out as a letter to Santa, which is a really sweet addition to the book. Throughout the book, it is Christmas themed, Christmas trees to decorate, snowball fights, dressing up for the school play etc. The illustrations are really lovely and once again the text is really cute. 

The text is perfect for children to read independently and follow the instructions given on each page. In the center of the book are hundreds of stickers used to dress up the characters, decorate the tree etc. There are split into sections so it is clear to the children which stickers are used for which character. 

Once again this is a wonderful book from Macmillan and a perfect addition to the Star Paws series. Again it would have been nice if the stickers had been re-usable....

I would like to thank Macmillan for sending me this review copy.

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