Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Star Paws, Animal Dress Up, Shopping - Macmillan Children's Books

Star Paws - Animal Dress Up. Shopping Sticker Book. 

Macmillan Children's Books

5 out of 5*

Enjoy the complete retail experience, animal dress-up style, in the fabulous STAR PAWS: SHOPPING! Choose hats in Bears Accessories, help out in the changing rooms, become a stylist, a beautician, or simply shop until you drop! There’s so much to try on and so much to buy – everything from smelly perfumes and crazy fingernails to nice new pants. Packed with over 250 stickers and more daft jokes than you can count, this brilliantly funny, silly and utterly addictive sticker book series is taking the world by storm! (NB: No animals were harmed during its creation.)

When I was contacted by Macmillan asking me if I would like to review a selection of their children's books, I jumped at the chance. These are just the type of books my class love! They are brand new into year 1 and they still like to have time 'choosing' this was a perfect activity for them. 

To begin with, this book is lovely. We shared it as a class talking about the characters in the book. Which have very cute names, something else the children loved. The language in the book is very good for children to attempt to read by themselves and actually quite humorous. 

In the center of the book there are many stickers, these fit certain pages and there are labels for the children to identify which character they should fit. Overall the children loved this book, they even then went on to draw the characters in clothes they created after. 

The only thing I would say about it, is that once it has been used that's it. If there was a way to make the stickers re-usable the children would be able to have longer fun with the book as they could swap clothes on animals etc. 

I would like to thank Macmillan for sending me the book, we enjoyed it a lot. 

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