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He's the One - Katie Price

He's the OneHe's the One by Katie Price
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

'Can you ever forget your first love?

Liberty Evans hasn't. She has a beautiful daughter, a successful career as an actress, and she's married to one of Hollywood's most powerful directors.

But behind the glamour, things are not what they seem. Her daughter Brooke is turning into a spoiled teenager, her husband controls everything she does, and Liberty longs for Cory, the man she loved before she became famous.

Unable to live a lie any more, Liberty returns to England with a reluctant Brooke, to start a new life. While her daughter has to cope with a massive lifestyle change, Liberty finds that she cannot get Cory out of her head.

But will he want her any more? Or will she have to accept that her first love belongs to the past?'

I have read all of Katie Price’s books and I must say I felt a little let down by ‘In the Name of Love’ and was hoping that this would not follow suit.

‘He’s the one’ follows Liberty a young girl, thriving to become an actress and working in an Italian restaurant to get by for her and her daughter Brooke. One day a handsome guy comes into the restaurant with his mates, he is American and takes a shine to Liberty. For the next couple of months Liberty and Cory are inseparable, he is then due to return to the States and Liberty must accept this. Things change quickly for Liberty though and she gets the offer of a lifetime and moves to LA with Brooke; Cory remains in the U.K.

The book then splits into part two, this has been fast-forwarded 14 years and then each chapter is dedicated to either Liberty or Brooke, who is now almost 18. I felt at this part in the book the plot really picked up and I began whizzing through the pages. I enjoyed the story and the drama’s that came along with it. (For anyone who has read Katie Price novels before, you will know there are always many dramas!)

I thought the characters were developed well throughout the book, Liberty is perceived to be a generally lovely person, and at times you really feel for her. Brooke begins as a spoilt brat, having all the money she could ever want and getting what she wants, when she wants it. When Liberty drops a bombshell on Brooke she begins to change as a person and you realise she wasn’t once the girl she was in LA. The characters are well liked and I think this helped massively while reading it.

I also thought that this book was a little more down to earth than Katie’s previous books; we see both characters working in a restaurant, something that many of us do and I feel that this allows the reader to connect better to the book. It is nice to read about celebrities and their lives etc, but us mere mortals have to go a long way to be able to connect to it.

The book is an easy, holiday read and not very taxing – just the type of book I enjoy when I am back at work and things become busy. I thought that this was one of Katie Price’s better novels and it was nice to see returning characters. This does not make a difference, however if you have not read her previous novels.

I would like to thank the publisher for sending me a copy, this has not affected my review in any way.

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