Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Shaggy Dog and the Terrible Itch - David Bedford

Shaggy Dog And The Terrible Itch (Little Tiger Mini Hardbacks)Shaggy Dog And The Terrible Itch by David Bedford
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

'Shaggy Dog has a terrible itch. He scratches and scratches, but the itch just won't go away. He asks Mimi, the poodle to help. "Urgh! Scratch your back, no thank you!" Luckily, Farmer Gertie and Merv from the cafe help him - but still the Itch stays put. In desperation, Shaggy Dog runs into the Poodle Parlour for a good shampoo. Will Shaggy Dog ever get rid of his terrible itch? And if so, where will it go?'

I read this story to my class and I have to say they absolutely love it!

This is about a dog who has a terrible itch and whatever he does, he cannot get rid of it. He tries everything but it's no use. He asks people along the way to help him scratch it, they agree as long as he helps them in some way. Such as washing the dishes, sweeping hair from a salon floor and rounding up sheep. Each time the itch goes for a few moments but then comes back.

Eventually he finds someone who can help him and the itch is gone.

This is a fun story with many other dog characters in it. The children could work out what was going to happen next and they enjoyed joining in with the story.

I would recommend this story for primary KS1 children.

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