Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Royal Baby - Tony Bradman and Tony Ross

The Royal Baby - Tony Bradman and Tony Ross
My rating: 5 out of 5*

'Everyone is thrilled when it's announced that their favourite princess is going to have a baby. Speculation starts immediately. What will the baby be like? Will it be a boy or a girl . . . tall or short? Will it be hairy like the old king? Or sporty and fearless like the knights? 

The questions go on and on as the Princess grows larger. But soon the Prince and the Princess don't mind anymore. They know that they will love their baby whatever it is like . . . 

Set in a timeless kingdom, this is an irreverently funny and heart-warming story that celebrates the joy and excitement of a new baby.' 

I have had this book a while, I was lucky enough to win it around the date the Royal baby was born. I have waited until now to read it as I wanted to share it with my children at school. 

I read this book to a group of 5 year old children and I found it an excellent book for generating discussion. There were many different words and phrases that they were unsure of, and this helps to develop their vocabulary. 

The children loved the book, they were silent the whole way through! They commented on different characters in the book and identified it being based on a true story. 

This is a recommended read for all ages, even after the baby was born it is a nice story. 

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