Thursday, 21 April 2016

Twisted River blog tour with extract

Today it is my stop on the Twisted River blog tour. I have been lucky enough to be able to bring you an extract from the book. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. 




Kate could never quite make up her mind whether she loved or loathed September. A flurry of withered leaves danced over her feet as she scurried down the steps of the Clare Street campus and set off briskly for home. Snatching a quick glance at her watch, her heart

skipped a beat. She was cutting it fine. She quickened her step. She had to make it home before five. Not a second later. It was a new routine, now that summer break was over. It had been harder with all the idle time this year. Things had been different when they’d had the beach house.

Today had been difficult. Once upon a time Kate would have jumped at the chance of becoming assistant head of the Visual Communications Department. She would have been thrilled to bits. But that was before there were other demands on her. She should have been elated at being offered the position so soon after her return to the workforce. Instead, she felt a bittersweet sadness at having to turn it down. Life was about choices and this was a choice she had to make.

Simon Walsh, the head of department, had looked at her in disbelief.

“This is a windup. You’re teasing me, right?”

With a heavy heart, Kate shook her head.

“But, Kate, you’re the best person for the job,” Simon protested. “You know that. I know that. I know you’re only just back but you’ve got the talent and you know this department like no one else.”

“I know that, Simon. And I’m flattered. Really, I am. But things at home, you know . . .” She hesitated. “It’s just not that easy. The job I have now I can manage. Assistant head is a whole other proposition. Extra responsibility, more time here on campus. I have thought about it. Believe me.”

Realizing she was serious, Simon ran a distracted hand through his long hair. “There has to be a way. I was so looking forward to having you as my wingman.”

Again, Kate shook her head. She’d made up her mind.

“I’m sorry. There’ll be other equally suitable candidates. Anyway, surely the job has to be openly advertised?”

Disgruntled, Simon had taken off, shoving his hands deep into the pockets of his crumpled linen jacket.

Already Kate was at the Abbey Bridge and a gust of wind pulled at her slackly fastened chignon, threatening to loosen it. A man on a bicycle swept by, close to the curb. She smiled to herself. It appeared he had every worldly good he owned in his pannier. A black and white dog with attitude sat in the basket up front. Again she looked at her watch. There were scarcely fifteen minutes left. Would she make it? In the old days she might have taken the car but they had only one car

now and Mannix had it today. Her laced-up boots started to chafe against her skin as she broke into a jog.

Suddenly, Kate heard the pounding of feet from the rear. Two guys with white hooded tops ran past her. It wasn’t clear if one was the quarry and the other the prey or if they were running together. Moments later a squad car screamed through the evening traffic pursuing the two

fleeing creatures until they disappeared through an alleyway and out of sight. Unperturbed, Kate continued her journey, the satchel full of papers clapping up and down on her hip.

Twisted River by Siobhán MacDonald is published on 18th April by Canelo, price £1.99 in eBook.

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