Saturday, 9 April 2016

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So this afternoon I thought I would sit down and create something. Since I finished university - 10 years ago I haven't really sat down and creating any new art work. I felt that what I was producing I wasn't happy with and I didn't really like the way my art work was taking me. So after 10 years I decided today to create something new. 

I loved creating on wooden boards, these are really durable and I have found that the colours don't fade that much. 

I grabbed hold of some wood and thought I would give it a go. I began like I always used to, not knowing what I would produce or where the morning would take me. I thought I would like to begin by painting a flower. This then didn't feel right so I began to add my trade marks to the painting and after a few hours work I felt pleased with the result. 

After half an hour or so I had got a rough background and outline of a flower on the board. This didn't look right or anywhere near finished so I began to add to it. 

To create my paintings I use many techniques, and equipment. I have used a range of different colours to create this particular one. I normally use spray paint on my paintings, however I couldn't find the can today so I tried something a little different. I think this worked well. 

Here is the final image. The painting is 62cm X 62cm, it has been hand painted and is original, there are no prints, this is priced at an affordable £60.00. I have signed this painting as I do with all my art. 

My mother and I both paint. She is a self taught artist, where as I have a degree in art. You can see our art work on our etsy page. All our work is affordable and I am sure you will find something for every one. We have such a diverse range of work, which would make lovely gifts. 

If there is something you would like us to create for you please contact me, we are happy to receive requests, we can then give you a quote. 

We make all our art work affordable as we want to be able to bring art into the home for everyone. 

Please visit my shop to view our current work. For one day only you have the chance to receive 10% off as a welcome, put in the code at the checkout. 

Thanks for reading. 

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