Monday, 18 April 2016

Rose's Vintage by Kayte Nunn with Q and A and International Giveaway!!!

Kayte has been kind enough to stop by at The Book Corner today to answer some questions about Rose's Vintage, there are also a couple of fun ones I have added in. Please find these below. 

Thanks so much Kayte for your answers, I loved reading them and I hope the readers of The Book Corner will also enjoy them. 

Right at the end of this blog post you will find an international giveaway! So make sure you get entering!!!

Rose’s Vintage

Kayte Nunn

‘Some books, like wine can be sipped—but I had to gulp this novel down! It was delicious!’—Rachael Treasure

‘Fans of Maeve Binchy will delight in the romance of Kayte Nunn’s sweeping tale—I know I did.’—Lauren Sams, author of She’s Having Her Baby

Rose Bennett, talented chef and English rose, trades her hometown of London for the sunny shores of Australia after a particularly devastating break-up. She finds herself a job as a nanny in the Shingle Valley, a picturesque yet rugged area full of vineyards, and tries to forget about romance.

As winter turns to spring, Rose starts to unlock the secrets of the Valley—the traditions, local secrets and delicious produce. And despite herself, Rose starts to fall in love: with the valley, the wines, the two children she’s helping to look after—and with their father, the handsome and brilliant Mark Cameron, owner of the troubled Kalkari Wines estate.

In the tradition of Under The Tuscan Sun, Rose’s Vintage boasts a lush setting reminiscent of Australia’s best wine-making regions, a feisty heroine in need of a big life change and a delicious line-up of food and wine. Best read with a glass of red!

About the author:

Kayte Nunn is food writer and the former editor of Gourmet Traveller WINE magazine. She also writes on travel, health, wellbeing, parenting and lifestyle topics, and has been short-listed for local and international short-story awards. She is a mother to two girls. This is her first novel.

Here is the Q and A:

1. How long had you worked in publishing before you took the leap into writing your own book?
I’d worked in book and then magazine publishing for more than 20 years, ending up as a freelance project editor and features writer. It took a short break between freelance assignments and a feeling of ‘now-or-never’ to get me to start. 

2. Where did you get the idea from for Rose's Vintage? 
I was sitting in a café overlooking Bondi Beach on a very grey, miserable day – nothing like the scenes from Bondi Rescue – and began to wonder what if you turned up in Australia and it was nothing like you expected. I went home and started writing the next day.

3. What inspires you to write? (E.g. must have candles with linen fragrance, journeys, chocolate etc) 
The initial spark of inspiration can really come from anywhere – the idea for the novel I’m currently working on came when I touched a beautiful bronze engraved sundial in the botanic gardens in Sydney. It was almost as if a jolt of electricity went through me and I recognized the very beginnings of an idea.

4. The setting for your novel is at a vineyard in Australia. Why did you decide to set it there? 
I was editor of a magazine called Australian Gourmet Traveller WINE several years ago and in the course of that rather wonderful job was lucky enough to travel to some of Australia and New Zealand’s finest wine regions. As I knew a little bit about wine, and I loved the sense of community I encountered in these regions, it seemed the obvious place to set it. Wine is also a very sensual product, so that lent itself to a love story, as well as plenty of shenanigans!

5. Is this the beginning of a series? How many will there be? 
I have written a second book with the same setting, but introducing some new characters, called The Angels’ Share (which is what the wine that is lost to evaporation in the barrel is called), which is due out in 2017. I’ve also written a synopsis for a third in the series that I’m very excited about.

6. Where will your next novel be set?
I’m working on a historical mystery, set in the late 19th century, between Cornwall, Chile and Sydney. The research is fascinating!

7. What genres do you enjoy reading? 
I love crime, blockbusters, women’s fiction, YA, some literary fiction… plenty!

8. Do you have a favourite author? Who is this?
Oh I have many favourites and it would be impossible to choose one: Vanessa Diffenbaugh, JoJo Moyes, Liane Moriarty, Kate Forster, Isabelle Allende are just a few that spring to mind…

9. If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 items would you take with you and why?
Aside from my husband and girls, I’d take a laptop with unlimited battery power, something comfortable like a bean bag to write in, and plenty of food – I can’t write if I’m uncomfortable or hungry!

10. - Make your choice :)

I’ve a shocker of a sweet tooth.

Banana – but not overripe.

Umm… neither I’m afraid. Ready-salted kettle chips for me.

Cadbury. With Galaxy a close second.

iOs – I’m an Apple fan from way back.

Print. But ebooks when I’m travelling or can’t get to a bookshop to buy what I’m after.

Film. But I do love a good binge-watch – have just finished House of Cards.

Tea. Especially made by someone else and brought to me in bed!

When I’m home I dream of being away, but it’s always nice to come home…

Beach. I’m lucky enough to live with ocean views.

Summer. Apart from when I want to go skiing.

red wine/white wine
White wine – chardonnay or pinot gris please, and make it a large one!
Instagram – I love looking at pretty pictures.

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