Thursday, 31 December 2015

Rounding up 2015 - Happy New Year

I haven't got round to doing a non related review/book post for a long time. I have felt that the end of this year I have become a bit slack with keeping things up on the blog and I am sorry about this. One of my New Years resolutions is to make sure I give more time to the blog as it has been taking a bit of a back seat. I have managed to keep up with reviews and I make sure I always have a post every other day on here but I felt I have been in a bit of a reading slump for the last few months, this is something I hope to change for the new year. 

I think my lack of posts has been down to many things this year, its been another busy year. I have moved house and changed jobs, both in their selves are huge and I did both of these a month a part. Since changing jobs I have been getting to grips with the new demands of the role and have felt extremely tired and felt I have let my reading suffer a bit because of it. 

Last week I took a well deserved holiday, I went back to the Caribbean, one of the most beautiful places in the world, in my opinion and visited many new stunning islands. A week went too quick for my liking, however another trip is in our sights and hopefully will be booked soon. A girl has got to have something to look forward to hasn't she? 

Taking a holiday also helped get my reading back on track and it has been the most I have read in a long time, completing 3 books while I was away. I was hoping to have finished a fourth before the year was out but this may have to roll over to the new year now. 

I am currently still away at the in laws and I am looking forward to returning home to see my parents for the last of the festive period before I am back at work again on Monday. 

So my year in books? Last year my total was very high as I was off work for a long period of time and so had a huge amount of time to devote to reviewing, going back to work full time I knew I would not be as successful, however I am very surprised at my total. This year - 2015 I managed to read a total of 107 books. In 2014 I read 145 books but was off for about 6 months so what I have managed this year I think has been great, even with my reading slump! I also blame the craze of colouring books this year as I have been colouring in a lot and not reading! 

I feel that overall I have had a successful blogging year, where I have made a lot more blogging and publisher friends. I have been keen to participate in blog tours and attending blogging events. I hope that I have the opportunity to continue blogging next year and attend many other events. I have already booked tickets to YALC, the last 2 years the tickets have been sold out and I have been unable to go. I am super excited to start the year knowing I will be attending, I can't wait! 

Anyway before this becomes any more of an essay than it already is I will let you go and enjoy your new years eve. 

I would like to thank you all for being my followers on twitter and reading my blog, it means the world to me and I can't believe it has been growing and growing. This wouldn't be possible without all your support, so thank you and I wish you a happy and healthy new year. 

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