Monday, 14 December 2015

Dad's Christmas Wish by Julia Williams

Dad's Christmas Wish
by Julia Williams

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A little festive eShort treat from the author who brought you, MAKE A CHRISTMAS WISH

**A 43 page short story**

A widower of five years, silver fox Kenneth Harris has no trouble finding women to date. But only one woman has ever captured his heart.

When mysterious feathers keep blowing in his path, will Kenneth’s only wish come true this Christmas…

This is a sweet, heartwarming, sad novella. I haven't yet read Make a Christmas Wish, but I have read My Christmas Wish, another short story and I enjoyed this as an addition. I didn't feel like I had to of read the novel to understand this. I have heard though the characters have come from that.

This is a story about Kenneth, he has lost his wife and each chapter is a new month of the year, him trying to come to terms with her death. Although the story was only about 40 pages, I felt you could really feel for Kenneth and Julia Williams managed to get across the loneliness he feels.

Kenneth is Emily's father, who I believe goes out with the main male lead in the novel. Emily briefly features in this short story.

I enjoyed this, although it was quite sad I feel it has made me want to read the full length novel.

It was currently free on Amazon when I downloaded it, if you haven't already, this is a nice short story to download. I also thought the story was a lot better than My Christmas Wish.

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