Friday, 11 December 2015

My Christmas Wish by Julia Williams

My Christmas WishMy Christmas Wish by Julia Williams
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dear Mum,
I miss you…

As a way of coping with his mum’s death, fifteen-year-old Joe writes letters to her. As Christmas comes around, Joe only wishes for one thing. Will his Christmas wish come true.

I love a short story, it allows me to be able to escape during my busy life and be able to devour a whole story at once, which doesn't seem to happen often these days!

This story is very short, just over 30 pages and is written in letter form. I do really enjoy books that are written in letters/emails they tend to be quirky and fun reads. Unfortunately this book was not fun at all. It became apparent this was written by a child, a child who had lost his mum around Christmas time. The story was set over a period of a year, the fact it was so short didn't allow me to get into it and I found it quite difficult to discover the story line. Apart from trying to cope with loss and grief there wasn't much too it, which was disappointing. Saying that it is only a novella and after all it was free.

I am going to read the others in the short stories and hopefully things will become a bit clearer. Perhaps I just read these in the wrong order.

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