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Rachel does Rome - Nicola Doherty

Rachel Does Rome (Girls On Tour BOOK 4)Rachel Does Rome by Nicola Doherty
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The fourth instalment in this hilarious, romantic and unputdownable five-part series. Perfect for fans of Lindsey Kelk's I Heart... novels.

What do you do when your boyfriend of two months cancels Valentine's Day?

If you're Rachel, you book a last-minute trip to Rome. Together with her friends Lily and Maggie, she's planning a relaxing weekend of culture and cappuccinos to take her mind off men altogether. But when she bumps into a figure from her past, Rachel finds herself on a Roman Holiday that features Vespa rides, hot tubs and some very unexpected consequences ...

Girls on Tour is an irresistible series of interlinked stories about four ordinary girls who have extraordinary fun in faraway places. Expect the unexpected, the utterly hilarious and unforgettable, on this rollercoaster ride of love, laughs, surprises and sparks. You have a VIP pass to join each girl's adventure, so pack your bags and buckle your seatbelts, because just about anything is possible...

So I have been able to catch up again with the girls and this time Rachel is in Rome. Slowly through reading these novellas I feel like I have travelled half way around the world and I have loved them. Rome is a place I have never been, I have visited Italy a few times but never got the opportunity to visit here, after reading this it has made me more determined to want to visit in the near future.

Rachel's boyfriend is off to a work conference over Valentines Weekend and although Rachel had agreed that Valentines day is overrated and an unnecessary expense, deep down she does wish that Oliver and her would do something. When he announces that he has to go away for the weekend she takes it with a pinch of salt. She decides that she should get away for the weekend. Most of her friends are going to be loved up except Maggie who jumps at the chance to go. She brings a long Lily one of her oldest friends who is visiting from the States.

From reading this novella Rachel came across a little ridged with her thoughts, she clearly has other ideas about this holiday to Maggie and Lily, they are there to party and have fun, whereas Rachel wants to stick to the guide book at all times. I enjoyed reading about Rachel and how her attitude began to change as the weekend went on. She started to become more confident and adventurous.

I really loved the ending of this novella, I thought that it was perfect and bought all aspects of the story to a close. I thought the characters were well developed and the story line was paced brilliantly. This is a typical chick lit that will have you feeling warm and fuzzy at the end. It is humourous but also has other dimensions which is brilliant.

I would like to thank the publisher for sending this in exchange for an honest review.

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