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Touchstone For Ever - Sydney Jamesson Blog Tour and Giveaway!

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Title: TouchStone for ever
Series: The Story of Us Trilogy (Book 3) 
Author: Sydney Jamesson 
Release Date: May 23, 2013 
Published By: SJ Publishing, United Kingdom 
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What would you give to save the one you love? 

Ayden Stone and Elizabeth Parker are soul mates. They have played at love, succumbed to the magnetic pull of destiny, and forgiven themselves and each other for misadventures in life and love. Now they must look to the future and forever, bearing the scars of battles they have fought and won, together. To keep a promise, one of these fateful lovers must make an agonizing choice and commit to an impossible task; to embark upon an adventure filled with magical moments and unforgivable acts of personal sacrifice. But...with great self-sacrifice comes betrayal

TouchStone for ever is the culmination of an epic love story written in the stars, involving a contemporary Princess and her charming Prince. Readers will experience blazing passion, the anguish of a broken heart and every emotion in between as Beth Parker shares her thoughts and feelings about love, life, and a desperate wish for her happy ever after. Sleeping Beauty has awakened from a great sleep but, sadly, not all fairy tales have a happy ending...not even when you belong together for ever, and you're prepared to give... Everything!  

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About Sydney Jamesson - in her own words

Author photo - Sydney Jamesson

There are those moments in life when a person you respect says something to you that strikes a chord, we’ve all had them … that moment came one Parents’ Evening when I was 16. An inspirational teacher said; “Your daughter should consider a career in Journalism or as a writer, she has a vivid imagination and a flair for creative writing …” As a wide-eyed teenager, those words were music to my ears. How prophetic was it that I went on to do just that …
I have worked in Insurance, Fashion and in advertising as a Copywriter and Commercial Journalist and loved every minute of it; creative people are a lot of fun to be around. I swapped the day job for a more meaningful enterprise: having our daughter Jenna. Now 29, she’s a fiercely independent woman living the dream in Australia. She was a heavenly surprise that had me working freelance for four years, doing what I could between feeds, playgroups and afternoon lessons in preparation for starting school. It’s a ‘story’ we can all identify with, I’m sure.
I made a sideways move into teaching in 1997 and, six years later, became Head of English in a High School, making it my mission in life to introduce young people to a range of quality reading material. I try to foster a love of all things creative in my students and encourage them to find that creativity within themselves.
For as long as I can remember, I have lived with The Story of Us in my head. The fact that Elizabeth Parker is an English teacher should come as no surprise; as novelists we write, initially, about what we know … Yet, I should confess, she isn’t me but rather that young, sensitive and na├»ve woman we all were or still are. The difference being, she has been victimized and, because of it, remained hidden. But, unlike some characters who may have suffered at the hands of others, she is not damaged: wary yes, but not damaged. She still believes people are innately good and that is one of her many qualities. It is her propensity for compassion that allows her to invite Ayden Stone into her world when, on the face of it, he’s exactly what she doesn’t need.
So that’s me, furiously typing away until the early hours, unveiling the intricacies of a 21st century fairy-tale; creating an epic story that melds a heady mixture of romance suspense and a touch of the miraculous.


1. I’m a natural blonde

2. I prefer dogs to cats – hate being ignored

3. I sometimes tell fibs about my hair colour

4. I have nocturnal tendencies –ask any of my followers on twitter

5. I love warm weather, but never sunbathe

6. I prefer the sea to the country – perpetual birdsong gives me a headache.

7. I never travel light – small cases are for light-weights

8. I must always have the window seat on the plane – not good with strangers

9. I love opera but hate heavy mental – surprising as they can both be quite loud

10. I’m an Aquarius – will never follow the crowd

11. My favourite song is LoveSong by Adele – it makes me cry & think of Ayden, alone.

12. I love a story with a twist but not one I couldn’t have predicted.

13. I’m most creative when I wake up; the only thing that stunts my creativity is an alarm

14. I enjoy driving, but not at night, too many pedestrians wearing dark clothing

15. I believe everyone should try an oyster, at least once in their lives – just to amuse their companions, if nothing else.

16. I have never skied, but I have scale Mont Banc in a gut-wrenching cable car.

17. I named our daughter after a pretty actress in ‘Dallas.’

18. I’m allergic to kiwi fruit; they make my lips swell, which is not such a bad thing!

19. I once got stung on the left breast by a wasp on a dirty weekend in York (Don’t ask!)

20. My favourite country to visit is Cuba – everywhere you go there’s music; the beaches are spectacular too!

Sydney Jamesson
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