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The Roman - Caroline Storer Excerpt and Giveaway!

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Published Harper Impulse
20th February 2014

ROME AD 79 - The one woman he ever loved was the one woman who betrayed him. And now, the Roman will have his revenge… Marsallas and Justina were young, beautiful and desperately in love once, until a tragic betrayal tore them apart.  Six years have passed since that day and Marsallas has since thrown himself into the deadly world of chariot racing, gaining fortune, fame, and a salacious reputation throughout Rome.  His bed could be kept warm by a different woman each night if he chooses, but his heart remains iced over as the memory of Justina’s betrayal continues to haunts him.  The last thing he expects is to see her again, but when she steps back into his life he sees a chance to avenge his broken heart.  But beneath the hurt, an attraction so intense still burns between the two, and as their fates begin to intertwine once more, their determination to resist one another starts to falter…

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Then the shadow spoke.  “Justina.”
                The emotionless tone of the voice caused Justina to shiver, and her heart to beat faster.  There was no mistaking who had said her name.  His voice was indelibly printed on her mind.  But the tone was deeper than it had once been, rough almost.  Yet it had a pleasing quality she couldn’t explain. 

Uninvited, she walked further into the room, his presence drawing her to him like an invisible bond, only stopping when she approached the edge of a small table.  She glanced down at the remains of a meal, then back up to where the shadow stood.  Lifting her head towards him, she said as calmly as she could, “Greetings, Marsallas.”

                Then the shadow stepped forward suddenly becoming human flesh, and Justina gasped, her face losing all colour as she took in the man standing in front of her. 

                There was no doubting it was Marsallas.  But at the same time she couldn’t believe how much he’d changed.  Virtually unrecognisable from the carefree youth she had once known.  Now, in his place stood a virtual stranger, one who looked at her with total indifference on his face. 

                He looked even taller than she remembered, if that were possible.  Broad shoulders tapered down to bare arms, tanned a golden brown.  Arms that were crossed over each other, showing off his powerfully bunched muscles.  Of their own free will her eyes tracked down his body.  Over the impressive width of his chest that couldn't be disguised by the short green tunic he wore, down past the tautness of his flat stomach, to his long, tanned muscular legs.

                Justina felt a quiver of awareness slither down her spine, and like a starving woman she feasted on him.  The hard sculpted face, the piercing blue eyes she remembered so well.  She drank him in, absorbed him, and her fingers actually itched to caress the hard planes of his face, to trace the shape of his eyebrows and the angled hardness of his jaw. 

                She felt his power.  Not just his physical power, but the sheer presence of him.  

Although he had only said one word, his bearing said it all, and it made her stomach clench.  Even now, after all these years, he still had the power to affect her, and without warning a sudden surge of longing, long suppressed, assailed her. 

                She saw his eyes lower to her mouth.  She hadn’t been kissed in years, and she felt desire flare deep inside of her, rising to such an intensity it fairly took her breath away.  She ached for him to draw her nearer, to kiss her, to stroke her body to life once more.

                Then she saw his eyes narrow, harden, and Justina felt a rush of panic hit her.  She was stupid to have come here.

About the Author

I’ve always been a dreamer, thinking up plots for books ever since I was a child.  I actually started writing my first book in 2007, when my husband “popped out for a bit” on New Year’s day and returned home about three hours later with a laptop he’d bought for me in the January sales.  I remember him plonking it down on my lap and saying, “Now you’ve got no excuse.  Start writing that book you’ve been going on about!” 
I work part time as an Environmental Health Officer, and I live on the beautiful (if slightly windy) island of Anglesey in North Wales.  (Anglesey, you may recall was recently home to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.)  I live in a small village near the sea with my very own AlphaHero husband – Colin, and my AlphaDog – Bob.

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