Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Liebster Award Nomination!

This is the second year I have had a Liebster Award Nomination and I was amazed really as my blog had been going now for a year! However It's great to think others are discovering my blog and enjoying what I am doing, and it's been great fun! So thanks to everyone who takes the time to stop at my blog. Thank you so much for the nomination onceuponabookblog!!

Now, to follow the rules of the Liebster Award...

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. Answer the eleven questions he/she asks.

3. Nominate eleven bloggers.

4. Ask these eleven bloggers eleven questions.

5. Let these eleven bloggers know that they have been nominated.

Here are the eleven questions our nominator has requested that I answered:

1. What did you read last, what are you reading now and what are you reading next?

The last book I read was Mad about You by Sinead Moriarty. My current read is The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me by Lucy Robinson. My next read is going to be The Travelling Tea Shop by Belinda Jones. 

2. If you could be any book character, who would you be?

If I could be any character from a book I think it would be Becky Bloomwood from the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. This is because she is just like me, some of the things she does and says are just like me and the way she thinks. Normally when I am having a blonde moment.

3. Which book caused your last intense book hangover?

I haven't had a book hang over for a while so unsure of this, can't remember...

4. What do you love most AND least about blogging?

I love connecting with others and commenting on others blogs and answering my own comments. I least like having to remember when I have to post info... I think I need a calendar for blog tours!

5. Favorite dessert?

I like anything lemon based, so hmm cheesecake?

6. What's your biggest guilty pleasure?

Got to be chocolate, I don't eat it often but when I do I will sit and stuff my face for it ha ha!

7. Favorite time of day?

Night time, perfect for curing up in bed and reading.

8. What was your favorite book from childhood?

Katy and the magic dreamboat... don't ask!!

9. Biggest phobia?

Spiders augh!!!

10. Best book boyfriend?

Got to be Holder from Hopeless, Colleen Hoover

11. City or Country?

This is a tricky one again! I currently live in the country but not far from London so it's perfect getting the best of both worlds. I would say country with a quick journey!

Now to nominate eleven bloggers whose blogs I love. There are so many great ones out there so its hard to pick only eleven, so I have decided to pick people who I think I have recently discovered over the last few months.

So my fellow nominees, here are the eleven questions for you as per the Liebster Award rules. Answer them as you like. :) Remember, the important thing is to have fun and don’t forget to post the Liebster Award on your own blog!

1. Why did you start your blog and when?

2. What is your favourite book series and why?

3. Paper back or ebook?

4.Where is your favourite place to read?

5. What was the last book that you read that left you speechless?

6. Which book are you most looking forward to reading this summer?

7. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

8. You are stranded on an Island and can only take one book with you, which book is it and why?

9. Summer or Winter?

10. Tea or Coffee?

11. If you could tell everyone in the world only to read one book which book would it be?

I would just like to thank onceuponabookblog for nominating me again. It's been fun, thanks!