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The Summer Guest - Emma Hannigan

The Summer GuestThe Summer Guest by Emma Hannigan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

'Lexi and her husband Sam have put their heart and soul into renovating No. 3 Cashel Square. Lexi's mother thinks it's high time they had a baby, but Lexi's thriving art gallery keeps her more than busy. Plus her headstrong niece Amelie seems to have practically moved in. And then, just as summer arrives, a mysterious stranger knocks on the door. Kathleen Williams has come from America, longing to see the house in Cashel Square where she was born, over sixty years ago. Kathleen's visit is tinged with sadness but she finds comfort and laughter with Lexie and Amelie. Soon the three women are sharing their hearts, tears and secrets, little knowing their unexpected friendship will touch them all in more ways than they can imagine..'

What a beautiful cover this is! It is brilliantly summery and makes you want to sit and sip a lovely long drink in the garden.

This book has wonderful descriptions of the home, family and life. You can immerse yourself in the descriptions and almost see yourself there in the book with the characters.

The story is about Kathleen, an American who has returned to her home of Ireland after spending the majority of her years in the States. She returns to her home town and visits her old home from her childhood. There she meets Lexi and Sam who are the owners of the house now.

Lexi and Sam are a lovely couple, they have very successful careers and have a lovely home. They have recently renovated the basement and are looking to find a lodger soon. Kathleen turns up and they get on so well, Lexi and Sam offer her the basement for her stay while she is in Ireland.

Amelia is Lexi's niece and is having a hard time at home and being a teenager is never easy. Lexi and Amelia get on very well and she takes her under her wing. I particularly liked Amelia's voice in the book and thought this was a nice alternative to the other characters in the story. I do think though towards the end Amelia's voice was lost a bit and this was a shame.

I think this book is very middle aged, it covers topics for women who are middle aged and the topics could be very real, this maybe why I felt I couldn't connect so well to this book as others Hannigan has written.

The story is very enjoyable, however I don't think an awful lot happens in it and I was waiting for something major to happen which didn't. It is a lovely story - very nice and nice is the only word I can describe it as, nothing makes it go pop and there is little excitement in it. It is quite a slow paced novel, one you can pick up and put down after a period of time and still know what is going on.

I have read a few books by Emma Hannigan now and unfortunately this has been my least favourite.

I would like to thank the publisher for sending me this in exchange for a honest review.

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