Friday, 27 March 2015

Holiday TBR

So I have waited years for this holiday, I think 2 years ago it was being planned, for my Father in laws special birthday. I cannot believe it has finally come round. Tomorrow morning I will be arriving at the airport to check in. Before I headed off I thought after sending a tweet a few weeks ago, asking if anyone would be interested in reading my TBR for my holiday and it being so popular, that I would do one. So here goes... I am going to be taking a mixture of ebooks, audio books and paperbacks. 

Audio Books:

The audio books I have on my kindle and on my iphone that I want to listen to on the plane are:

The Year I Met You - Cecelia Ahern. I am currently in the middle of this audio book, it is one that I really want to get stuck into but never had a long enough period to listen to it. I am hoping this will be a good one for the plane. I think I have about 7 hours left to listen to, so hopefully I would be able to finish this one. 

The Last Anniversary - Liane Moriarty. This is an audio book that I am really looking forward to, however it is over 14 hours long - this is another for a really long plane journey! I am hoping that on the flight home I may get to listen to this one. I do have this in paper back, but I do feel I would enjoy listening to one of Moriarty's books as they are so good! I have high hopes for this audio and I am hoping that the narrator doesn't let me down! 


Well I will be taking my kindle away with me so technically anything I have on it that I have not read I may end up reading, however the one ebook I would like to read while I am away is: 

The Secrets Sisters Keep - Sinead Moriarty. I was lucky enough to be able to discover Moriarty last year when I read, Mad about you. This was a brilliant novel, which I raced through. That was the onle book I had read before and I was keen to try others. I that this sitting on my kindle to be read and this is certainly going to be one that I hope to pick up.

Paper backs: 

Paper backs are always a hard choice for me when I go on holiday. I love to actually turn pages in a book and I want to make sure that I have the opportunity to do that while I am away. The thing is that I need to be in the mood normally to read a type of genre and because I am limited to the books I take I always want to know I have one that I will fancy reading. This is why I am normally over my luggage allowance!! So this has been a difficult call for me and I will be taking more than it is possible for me to read, just so I know I am covering all basis. As I am only going for a week too, this means I do have more space in my luggage :D. 

The Sudden Departure of the Frasers - Louise Candlish. This is a book that I have had for quite a few months now, sitting on my TBR pile. I have desperately wanted to read it but it has been way too early to release a review. It is due out near the end of May so I figured I could read it now. This sounds so intriguing that I really can not wait any longer. 

Walk on By - Stacey Solomon. I have decided to take this book with me as I think it will be a quick and easy read. It sounds like they type of read you want on holiday. I have also had this a little while sitting waiting to be reviewed, so this is the prefect opportunity for me to read it. 
Wish You Were Here - Catherine Alliott. This is another book I have had sat on my TBR... I know I am a terrible book blogger but unfortunately life has just got in the way lately. This is another book that is a summery holiday read and I am looking forward to getting stuck in. 

So these are my intended reads for while I am away, these may change slightly, (paper backs) and I maybe adding to them. 

If you have read any of the books I am taking with me, please leave me a comment to let me know what you thought of them, or even to just let me know which book you would start with first. 

Thanks for reading. 

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