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Christmas Fireside Stories - Margaret Dickinson

Christmas Fireside Stories: A collection of heart-warming Christmas short stories from six bestselling authorsChristmas Fireside Stories: A collection of heart-warming Christmas short stories from six bestselling authors by Margaret Dickinson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Snuggle up by the fire with this festive collection of Christmas short stories from six bestselling authors . . .

Christmas at Briar Farm by Diane Allen

Christmas preparations are in full swing at Briar farm as the Bainbridge family get ready for a traditional 1960s Christmas - with all the trimmings.

Kate's Miracle by Rita Bradshaw

It's Christmas 1919 in the north of England and things are looking bleak for Kate and her two small children. That is until Kate discovers the strength of friendship and community at Christmas time . . .

The Gift by Margaret Dickinson

Christmas Eve, 1914. A moment of hope unites soldiers on both sides of the trenches as the spirit of Christmas reaches those divided by war, and an act of generosity changes one man's life forever.

Christmas at Thalstead Halt by Annie Murray

The station master at Thalstead Halt has the unexpected task of sheltering snow bound passengers, in the run up to Christmas 1886. And that's not the only unexpected occurrence at Thalstead Halt . . .

You'll Never Know Just How Much I Love You by Pam Weaver

Christmas Eve, 1943. The post office at Goring-on-Sea is up against bitter winter weather but nothing can stop an emergency delivery, or the power of true love at Christmas time.

A Wounded Christmas by Mary Wood

Can friendship, humour and a Boxing Day party help to ease the heartaches of 1942? A heart-warming story featuring characters from the saga novel Proud of You.

This collection includes delicious Christmas recipes recommended by the authors

I know it's February, well actually March, but even though these are essentially Christmas stories this book can be read any time of the year and give you a real warm glow. Written by 6 authors all the stories have a Christmas theme running through them, perfect for snuggling down in your duvet on a cold winters' night. All the stories are well written and worth the read, I particularly liked The Gift by Margaret Dickinson and A Wounded Christmas by Mary Wood; the first is about 1914 soldiers in the trenches and how one act of kindness from a German soldier saves the life of a British soldier. Really very poignant and relevant to the 100 year anniversary which has recently been celebrated.

The second is about Christmas celebrations during the 2nd World war in 1942 with a party on Boxing day that is organised in a hospital for wounded officers and staff. For a short time it allows everyone to forget the horrors of war, loved ones lost and facing an unsure future and gives everyone a few hours of fun. Quite a different slant on war than the first story but none the less poignant in its' own right showing the effects of those in the trenches, those that came home wounded and those that didn't come home at all and how lives were changed forever.

All the stories in this book manage to make you feel hopeful at the end of them, either in the spirit of heroism, friendship or hope for the future. A book that really does give you a warm glow after reading and may introduce you to authors you have not read before. A good 4 stars for this collection which has been thoughtfully put together so that each story compliments the others.

I would like to thank the publisher for sending me this in exchange for an honest review.

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