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The Bookish Box review


The Book(ish) Box review. 

This month I have been lucky enough to have been sent The Book(ish) Box by Appraising Pages, thanks so much Justine. 

So what is The Book(ish) Box? 

The Book(ish) box is a monthly subscription. Each month has a bookish theme, and you'll receive a shirt and some special items currated just for the theme. Each shirt is selected in your size, and only available in the box. (Taken from Appraising Pages website.)

This box comes all the way from America so they do ship internationally. Which is great for us book lovers! I do love the idea of this box, there are many subscription boxes out there right now and it is hard to find one that offers something different. I love this box for a couple of reasons (which I will go into later in the review.) 

How it works: 

Every month you'll receive a shirt by Appraising Pages Shop and 3-5 home, beauty, and fashion items. Designed with the the fashionable literary obsessed lady in mind. Just 29.99 plus shipping! The shirts are exclusive to The Book(ish) Box and sent in your size. We search for the perfect items to add to each box, creating products with your favorite small shops. (Taken from Appraising Pages website.)

The Book(ish) Box was dispatched around the 10th of August and I received mine across the pond, in the U.K on 17th August. I thought that this was really speedily and I was impressed how the box arrived very securely and not damaged. 

Side of box. 

When I opened up the box I had no idea what to expect as this is my first subscription book box, but I was rather excited. Inside there was some beautiful tissue paper with a tiny peg attached. This had a little card on, (see below) which gave me information about what I should expect to find in my box. 

Info card. 

Already my first impression of this box was a good one. It is so professional looking and it is clear that a lot of time and thought has gone into creating this box. The card is of good quality with an high content of ink used on it. On closer inspection there is a little logo in the corner of the card, this now stated the theme to me - you can see the cube? I am not sure if this is a regular feature of the presentation of the box as this was my first, but it would be interesting to see if this changes with the different boxes monthly. 

So what was in the box??

Star Wars book mark
The first thing I spotted in the box was this really cute little star wars book mark, as stated on the card there were two characters you could potentially get this month, Dr Who or Luke Sky walker. I am really pleased with my bookmark, as Star Wars is going to be making another appearance on our screens this winter, I think this was the perfect one to receive.

This is a magnetic book mark, these I find are great, much better than ones you just slide in your books as they are secure but don't mark your pages. I also find that they last longer than original book marks. 

The Fragrance Library Candle - The Maze
The next item I have received is The Maze candle, this is where I can chat to you about one of the major thing I love about this subscription box, which I think is a little different from others. This is the fact they support smaller businesses and  in your box each month you will get a selection of hand made items from independent sellers.                                                                                                                                                                                                 The Maze candle is from the etsy shop - The Fragrance Library . Since receiving this in my box I have visited the shop and I love what they have to offer. All of their candles are linked in some way to novels. I think this is such a unique idea and this one in particular is absolutely beautiful. The smell is divine! All of the scents of the front of the tin are delivered in this little candle. I so far have been very impressed with The Fragrance Library and I think I will be visiting this store in the future to purchase some wonderful candles. 

Candle with the lid off, a beautiful colour and smells divine!

Rich Love Shoppe - Necklace

This necklace is absolutely wonderful. It arrived in a lovely fabric bag, along with a couple of cards to promote the shop. It was wrapped in gold tissue paper to make sure it was secure in the post. The necklace itself is very heavy, it is on a long silver chain which suits the necklace well. The pendent is quite large with a bubble of glass on the front of it. Inside it says 'I'll cross the sky for you.' I think this is stunning and I am so glad I have had the opportunity to review this item. It is well made and I know it is going to go with anything I choose to wear. 

I have visited this shop Rich Love Shoppe and I have been amazed at the products on there, they are all reasonably priced and are very good quality. My favourite items from the shop I think have to be the bracelets, however their are also key rings and items for little girls. (If you have little sisters or a daughter, make sure to check them out!) 

I am going to be wearing this necklace at every opportunity I get, thanks so much Appraising Pages for popping this in my box!

Night and Day Baby - Dr Who Headwrap

I was very excited to see this in my box, I will be honest to begin with I had absolutely no idea what it was but it didn't take me long to work it out. The colours on this head wrap are amazing! It is extremely long, no worries if you have thick hair and if not then you can double tie it maybe! This depicts time travelling in this head wrap, there is even a tardis! The material is very good quality and it very strong. I cannot wait to try this one out. 

Again, just as the other products in my box I visited the etsy shop NightandDayBaby to check out the sellers other items. This mainly consists of  material items and baby items, if you have a small baby this maybe the shop for you, there seem to be some good teething rings on here. 

All of the products are once again good quality and priced reasonably. For me this has been my least favourite product in the box, only because I am not that keen on Dr Who, however I would be able to wear this without it being obvious and I like that feature. The colours are great and will go with a lot of things I wear. 

T-Shirt - A Wrinkle in Time  
 Finally was the T-shirt in the box for this month, by now I had worked out that it was a Sci - Fi themed box so was interested to see what the T-Shirt was going to be like. Whenever I purchase clothes online I always am a bit nervous with the sizing. I decided I would choose a small, I am glad I did, this was a perfect size for me. If you are thinking about getting one of these Book(ish) Boxes but are unsure of which size to choose, just make sure you visit the website where you will be able to select the size by measuring. visit here

Back to the T-shirt, I love this colour blue, it's so deep and dreamy! It is not my usual type T-shirt I would buy, but saying that I will wear it. What I do like about it is that you cannot buy this particular top from Appraising Pages website, they are unique to The Book(ish) Box, which I feel makes it more exclusive. 

Overall I am very impressed with this box, the complete look, the amount of time and thought that has gone into creating it. Although Sci-Fi is probably the only genre that I do not read as I don't enjoy it, this didn't stop me loving the box any less. Personally I think if I have loved a box on a genre I don't enjoy I am going to think the others are incredible! 

For $29.99 I think this is a good, high quality subscription box and the fact they ship overseas is also a bonus! You can buy monthly, 3 or 6 month subscriptions too, so if you have in mind a gift for someone this would be great. I know if someone bought me this as a gift I would be over the moon. So far I cannot say a negative thing about Appraising Pages, the idea they have come up with is great. It appeals to many and I love how they help smaller businesses. 

I cannot thank Appraising Pages enough for sending me this to review, I am so glad I had the opportunity to help promote this wonderful subscription box. This is something that I have not seen or heard a lot about in the U.K, if you are looking for something unique then this is for you. Give it a go, you will not be disappointed once it arrives to you. 

If you would like to see my youtube unboxing video then please see below. (note order of items maybe slightly different to the written review order.)

I was sent this in exchange for an honest review. 

Book(ish) Box unboxing

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