Monday, 13 July 2015

Flash Sticks 1 month review

I thought I would do a very quick update on how my learning is coming along. I have had the flash sticks for about a month now and couldn't wait to put them around the house, I began to go through the pack and taking out the ones I felt could be attached to the items I have in the house. Working full time it makes it really difficult to do any learning as I have little time. These have really helped me to learn Spanish, every day I am seeing the words around the house and even if I don't say the word out loud it begins to become ingrained in my head. 

I had to take down a few of the flash sticks the other day as we had someone come to take pictures of the house, when going to put them back up I noticed I had lost one. The word for door - even though I cannot find it, it turns out that actually I don't need it up there now anyway. Looking at the position of where it used to be I can remember the word for door. This has proved to me that the flash sticks are working. I am so happy as I know I am beginning to learn the language. Some words I am finding more difficult as they have harder pronunciation. This is where the app comes in, I have found this so useful, by scanning over the post it, a video will appear with the pronunciation. 

I am really getting into learning words, useful words that actually I may use (not like when you learn a language at school!) I am hoping that the more words I learn I begin to be able to create sentences, at the moment I feel like I am only learning the odd words. I am so pleased I had the opportunity to review flash sticks, please head back soon to continue on my journey with me. 

I would recommend these to anyone with a busy day job, who doesn't have time to learn a language, you will be surprised at how much you do learn.

I would like to thank the company again for sending these in exchange for an honest review. 

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