Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter Spent in Las Vegas!

I wanted to do a quick holiday summery, I cannot believe that a week has already gone by and before I know it I will be back at school! So this was the first time I have ever been in Vegas and wow, what an experience it was! It certainly is a crazy place and it seems that the longer I spent there the more insane it became! 

I began by stepping off the Virgin Atlantic plane, which I had been on for the best of 12 hours into the hot sun of the desert. It was around 3pm which was a perfect time to arrive in order to find my feet and get some dinner. We all were extremely tired from getting off the flight, so it was a quiet and early night. Saying that though it is certainly a city that never sleeps so it was packed even at midnight. 

Our room was amazing, we were lucky enough to get an upgrade on arrival so we got to check out our terrace one bedroom room. It had sliding glass doors which opened to an oversized private terrace, this gave wonderful views from our balcony to Las Vegas. A decadent bathroom which featured a Japanese soaking tub. Not to mention the living room and kitchen, to be honest you could live in this room, there would be no need to leave!

View from our pool

The hotel has three pools, we only visited two of them, mainly because one of them was a day club which would have been awesome to visit but it cost mega bucks to get in, so we thought we would save our money for something else.

So Las Vegas strip is mental, it is huge! We decided that we would walk to the famous sign just along the strip. This although doesn't seem too far away it was, especially in the hot dry heat of the desert! When we finally got there it was great, from always seeing the sign in places and finally being able to stand underneath it.

We made it to the sign!

On Tuesday - wow that was a week ago! Where did the time fly?! We visited the Grand Canyon in Arizona. We got on a helicopter to go as it cut the travelling time and allowed us to experience it at sun set and flying back over the strip on the way back was amazing!

The Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam

Me at The Grand Canyon

Flying over the Strip at night. 

Me on the helicopter

I then spent the rest of the week relaxing, sunbathing and doing a little bit of gambling. I'm not a gambler, but you cannot got to Vegas and not have a little flutter. The week really whizzed by and I had a fabulous time. I'm just a little disappointed that it is all over, it seems to be that you pay so much for your holiday and wait so long for it to arrive, then when it does it's all over with a blink of an eye. 

I also managed to do some make up shopping while I was away, look out for some reviews for these on here once I have used them. 

I am now sitting at thinking about my next holiday, not that I have paid for it yet! But I will be off in December and that seems a life time away now! Unfortunately on the book front I read very little. I think that this was down to being somewhere new and exciting, there was so much to explore! I do have another week off work though so will be catching up with the reading now I am at home. 

Anyway I am sorry it's not a bookish post today but I wanted to share my adventure with you. If you are still reading this post, thanks and I hope you enjoyed it. 


  1. Loved your post sam looks and sounds like you had a lovely time

    1. Hi Lynsey thanks so muh for your comment. I did have a great time shame it's back to reality tomorrow...