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The Wrong Knickers - A Decade of Chaos - Bryony Gordon

The Wrong Knickers - A Decade of ChaosThe Wrong Knickers - A Decade of Chaos by Bryony Gordon
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'For years, women have been told that their twenties are their golden years, filled with fun, parties, sex and glamour. Countless TV shows and movies tell us the same story: this is your perfect decade - don't waste it! You'll never be so happy - or thin - again.

Here, in her hilariously honest memoir, Bryony Gordon gives us a fresh perspective. Like Carrie Bradshaw, she may have had a column in a national newspaper, but her twenties weren't one long episode of Sex and the City, instead they were a decade of hangovers, heartbreak, and hideously awkward mornings-after, all over her overdraft limit.

Told with Bryony's trademark candour, humour and refreshing self-deprecation THE WRONG KNICKERS - A DECADE OF CHAOS is a memoir of a twenty-something Londoner who lived through her Bridget Jones years and survived. Embracing the messier side of life, it is a must-read for any woman who has survived, or is surviving, her twenties'

When I found out about The Wrong Knickers, I thought it sounded like a completely different read to my normal choice in genres. But it sounded a giggle so I thought I would give it ago.

I haven’t read a lot of memoires before as normally I don’t enjoy the way they are written. This however was different; I thought it read as a story, which I enjoyed. Gordon’s writing style is an addictive one that flows very well.

Bryony is young and has it mapped out in her head how her twenties should be, her actual life however seems to be taking the complete opposite direction. She begins by dropping out of Uni in search of her perfect career, coming from a middle class background; she feels this is not going to go down well, however her parents seem to support her choice.

The direction her life takes is a completely different one to my own and at times I felt it hard to connect with her. Saying this, what she is telling us has been written in a very humorous way, which does suck you in. One negative I would have about the book, is that I found at times Gordon was naive and came across as immature and lacked self esteem, this kept cropping up until around the half way mark of the book. I began to become a little irritated with this, but luckily her self esteem issues and immaturity began to develop.

As the book progressed I was hoping that soon Gordon would find her way in life and turn herself around. I thought that the book could have been a little longer; I would have liked to have known more about Gordon from now. As we seem to only get a little snippet from her present life.

I feel that the book is good for anyone thinking perhaps their life has not or isn’t turning out the way they originally expected and shows that there is hope along the way.

I would like to thank the publisher for sending me this in exchange for an honest review.

Please watch below for a brilliant video of Bryony Gordon sharing her 5 life lessons she learnt in her 20's!

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  1. This sounds like an interesting read. It sounds like a nice book to read on a lazy summer day. Great review as usual!