Tuesday, 3 June 2014

How I got into reviewing and blogging - Week 5

It's that time again! This week Charlene has kindly joined The Book Corner to talk about her experiences as a reviewer and blogger. 

So lets get started. 

Hi Charlene,

Thanks for having me!!

I started my blog about September 2013 and initially it was a place I could rant and rave and have a place to talk .I used it as a sounding board for the issues that affect me .I am a single mum, have experienced some dramas over the years.I suffer with mental illness and my son has autism so I have a fair bit going on.

I also have had plenty of talking therapy and know how much better I feel when I get it all out.

It’s only since this year I’ve been reviewing books on there which is mad because I have been a bookworm since forever!!

I have always and always will find comfort from a book and love visiting the library and bookstores.

I was like a real life Matilda, as soon as I could I was visiting the library and over the years it became somewhere I would go to escape.

And now through my blog and reviewing I can share my love and joy of reading and it’s great to connect via twitter with others who feel the same.

I must admit growing up I thought it was just me who was a proud bookworm.

I love having a voice through my blog, it’s still quite small but that doesn’t matter as I still l feel it’s giving me a platform to speak on.

You can follow Charlene on Twitter here

Charlene also has a wonderful blog that you should check out here

I would like to say thanks very much for stopping by at The Book Corner today! 

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  1. Great post, I loved reading it! I'm very happy that there are so many book lovers out there!