Monday, 9 June 2014

Ninja Book Swap

This year I decided to join in with the Ninja Book Swap which is basically a fun way to receive a book and gift by a fellow book blogger. This happens twice a year in the Summer and Autumn, this is the first swap I participated in and I couldn't wait to get started. 

To find out about the next Ninja Book Swap please visit bookinginheels

So I got told about the person I was sending a parcel to and I lovely created it and popped it in the post this morning. I was so excited when I arrived home from posting my own #ninjabookswap to find mine had arrived!!!

As you can see I knew it was part of #ninjabookswap as my book swap buddy had written it on the packet. I thought my partner has spent a long time thinking about making it look lovely. They had decorated the packet with pretty tape and stickers.

I carefully opened the parcel and discovered there was a beautiful envelope inside which was also covered in lovely stickers. I was excited to find out who my book swap buddy was!!! 

When I opened the envelope I discovered a wonderful card that had been hand made!!! (Where ever my buddy gets the pretty tape from I want to know!!!)

This is where I got to find out who my #ninjabookswap buddy was and (drum roll please!!!!) It was Emma over at mabismab you can also find her on twitter here

So thank you so much Emma! I have found out a little about her on her card that she send and she gave me a lovely comment about my blog - So thank you very much!

Lets have a look at my parcel then....

As you can see it was packaged together lovely and I almost didn't want to remove the string from the pack!
Emma really thought about it and I loved that she stuck stickers over everything (sorry for still going on about the stickers but I LOVE them!!)

O.K, so once I unwrapped everything you can see below exactly what I received. 

I must say I LOVE everything in my pack from Emma! The candles are lovely and so sparkly!!! I have just the place for them so thank you very much!!! I will be burning these tonight :D

Tease is a book that has been on my wish list for quite a while and just not got round to purchasing it. As you can see from Emma, she was quite excited that I had this on my wish list and knew this would be the book she wanted to get me. I hope I enjoy it just as much as she did too and as soon as I  have got round to reading it, I will let her know. 

I also have not one, not two but 3 lovely bookmarks in my package and I must say, no one can have too many bookmarks and I will be using all of them!! I really like them, my favourite I must say is the hand. (you can see it at the top of Tease...) but I also do get the funny bookmark Emma so don't worry ha ha! 

Finally as you can see Emma has kindly bought me a pair of beautiful earrings!!! Wow is all I can say, they are gorgeous!!! Anyone who knows me well, knows I love long dangly earrings so well done Emma!!! I will be wearing these regularly. 

So once again thank you soooooo much for your #ninjabookswap  I am sooo pleased with it! 

I have had great fun participating in the swap this summer and I cannot wait for my buddy to receive their parcel, I hope I will know when they do. :) 

If you haven't participated in the swap this year and think it is something you would like to join in with, please visit the website where there is more information. This is open internationally so don't let that stop you! 

Once again I would like to thank Bex over at #ninjabookswap for organising it and I hope to be able to participate again later in the year. 


  1. It sounds like you were so lucky with your partner, what a wonderful swap! It looks amazing! I love fancy deco tapes!

  2. I know right?! Did you participate this summer?

  3. Hi Sam - So SO pleased you like your parcel! I absolutely love packaging up gifts and post so its lovely to hear that you enjoyed it all :) Definitely let me know what you think of Tease! xx

  4. Thanks again Emma, I still have a huge grin on my face!!! I will let you know - added it to my June 2014 under to read tab. :D I hope you are just as lucky with your parcel. x

  5. What a gorgeous parcel! Those earrings are absolutely beautiful, I'm a sucker for anything with leaves and those are so delicate and pretty. And you're right, you can NEVER have too many bookmarks - you've got to be able to pick a bookmark for every mood or what's the point? :P

    1. I know! I can't get over how beautiful the earrings are and going to have such a lot of joy wearing them.

      Oh yes! Bookmarks suit the mood and the book!!!