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The Sun in Her Eyes by Paige Toon

The Sun in Her EyesThe Sun in Her Eyes by Paige Toon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Blinding sunshine… A bend in the road… What became of the little girl with the sun in her eyes?

Amber was three when a car crash stole her mother's life. She doesn't remember the accident, but a stranger at the scene has been unable to forget. Now, almost thirty years later, she's trying to track Amber down.

Amber, meanwhile, is married to Ned and living on the other side of the world in London. When her father has a stroke, she flies straight home to Australia to be with him. Away from her husband, Amber finds comfort in her oldest friends, but her feelings for Ethan, the gorgeous, green-eyed man she once fell for, have never been platonic.

As Ethan and Amber grow closer, married life in London feels far away. Then Amber receives a letter that changes everything. 'Before your mother died, she asked me to tell you something…'

Paige Toon is one of my favourite authors and I always get excited when I hear she has a new one coming out.

Amber is heading off to Australia, her dad has just had a stroke, which has prompted her to go, but being made redundant has also helped, she needs to get away. Her husband, Ned has just been promoted and is unable to go with her. Amber believes his boss only promoted him as she fancies him and now they will get more time together abroad on conferences this plays on her mind.

It doesn't take long when Amber is back in her childhood home to get swept along in her old life with her teenage friends. Ethan used to be her best friend, they drifted apart and he married Sadie, Amber has never liked her but they have two girls together and she is pleased for him.

There were parts of this book, where I didn't agree with Amber's actions and I was actually disappointed with parts of the novel. It didn't sit well with me and I feel the 'big reveal' from the letter Amber received was a little bit of a let down, Paige could have made so much more from her mothers final words.

This is an enjoyable read, one that is great for holiday around by the pool. This was not my favourite novel by Paige, however it will still be added to my collection on my bookshelf and if like me, Pairge is one of your favourite authors I recommend you read this one.

I would like to thank the publisher for sending this in exchange for an honest review.

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