Friday, 20 October 2017

Dewey's 24 hour readathon

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I cannot believe that the 24 hour readathon has come round again! In April I didn't really participate as well as I could have, there was a lot going on and I went away on holiday so found it difficult. I cannot wait to join in tomorrow, I have just finished my first half term and I am ready to relax! I cannot wait to just get stuck in! 

It is going to be massive this year, with it being the 10th anniversary!  

I have had rather a lot of book post this week too so I am unsure what I am going to start with, I have picked up one book but not really started it yet so I think I am going to start something new. 

Are you joining in tomorrow? It starts at 1pm U.K time but you can find out when it starts for you by visiting Start Times

If you already have a TBR let me know what you hope to read. Maybe it will give me some inspiration! 

Please check back tomorrow with my updates throughout the day. 

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