Friday, 28 July 2017

Another Heartbeat in the House by Kate Beaufoy

Another Heartbeat in the HouseAnother Heartbeat in the House by Kate Beaufoy
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Two women living a hundred years apart. One home that binds them together.

When Edie Chadwick travels to Ireland to close up her uncle’s lakeside lodge, it’s as much to escape the burden of guilt she’s carrying as to break loose from the smart set of 1930’s London.

The old house is full of memories – not just her own, but those of a woman whose story has been left to gather dust in a chest in the attic: a handwritten memoir inscribed with an elegant signature . . . Eliza Drury

As she turns the pages of the manuscript, Edie uncovers secrets she could never have imagined: an exciting tale of ambition, hardship, love and tragedy – a story that has waited a lifetime to be told. . .

Edie Chadwick works in publishing reading manuscripts for writers while waiting to discover the next block buster she becomes bored and needs a change. Her Uncle needs help closing one of his properties in Ireland and she offers to help eager to escape the boredom of her life.

While helping him to clear the house she finds a diary of someone called Eliza Drury written almost 100 years ago. Like Edie Eliza had also set out on a journey to Ireland in an attempt to change her fortunes for the better and as Edie continues to clear the house she comes across more secrets about Eliza.

The problem I had with this is that it was a 'dual time' book and in order for this to really work it has to have sufficient mystery to keep the reader going which I didn't find with this story. It was disappointing and just a bit boring with no real twists or reveals to want me to carry on. I did read to the end but it was skim read. Only 2 stars from me for this one.

I would like thank the publisher for sending this in exchange for an honest review.

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