Friday, 7 October 2016

The Genie's Curse by Tom Percival

The Genie's Curse (Little Legends Book 3)The Genie's Curse by Tom Percival
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A brilliant new highly illustrated series featuring all the fairy-tale characters you know and love having brand-new adventures!

This book takes you to a land where popular fairy tale characters live, there are problems and they need to solve them.

This was the first book in the Little Legend series I read to my children at school and to be honest I found it difficult to get into it. After reading it to them I realised that it is one of a series and I think you may have to read them in order. When reading it there was little introduction to who was who and I think this was down to it being in the middle of a series. This was a shame as I feel the children who I read it to didn't enjoy it as much as they could have.

This is a book I would recommend you read to a child if they are under 7, there is some tricky language in the story and they may find it hard to decode the words and their understanding may not be there. We read this together as a class so I regularly stopped and we discussed what had happened and what they thought may happen next.

The story is action packed and keeps you interested all the way, I am glad the children had the opportunity to listen to this, it is just a shame I didn't realise there were others in the series. I do have the next one and it maybe better as they will have a little bit of background info on the characters now.

There are nice illustrations throughout the book, which help bring the story to life. IT was a quick read, I only had time to read for 10 minutes a day to the children so it took me a few weeks to get through, however if you are reading this to a child at night you could probably get through it in a week.

I have rated this book on the enjoyment from the children, from my previous comment, the children may have enjoyed it better had we begun at the beginning of the series and if you were to purchase this, that is what I would recommend you do.

I would like to thank the publisher for sending this in exchange for an honest review.

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