Friday, 1 January 2016

Reading challenges 2016

This year I have decided I would like to participate in a reading challenge or two. These are just for fun and I want to make sure my reading stays a pleasure and not becoming a chore. Thanks to some recommendations from people on Twitter I discovered this reading challenge. 

So here it is, this is the challenge I am going to be going for, along with the Goodreads challenge. Like last year I am setting my goal at 60 books. I want to make sure that I am enjoying my reading and I am not pressured to read. Last year I smashed my target to read 107 books. I am hoping that I have another successful reading year. 

Let me know if you are participating in any reading challenges for this year and what they are. Good luck and have a great reading year.


  1. I love this challenge! I've been seeing it everywhere and while I'm not officially participating in it I will be reading a few books of of the list. Good Luck <3

    1. I havent officially signed up anywhere but I am going to be trying to tick some of these off. So far I have ticked 2 off this list so pretty pleased with that.